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  1. am I missing something? I have LP Plus and I can't get these icons to overlap for Sh*t :D - I kind of get what your saying by resizing them, but I can only resize by draggin down and to the left - not in any other direction. So If I want to overlap two icons on the far left of the screen(or even the far right after several attempts) I can't do it. Please, if you have any tips for me I would greatly appreciate it...I don't realy understand why I have to have a set number of grids > should be able to place icons anywher without them snapping where the grid is. Thanks! PJ
  2. I can't seem to get Tell Me to work on the lite rom...anyone have any suggestions? It says Tell Me at the top and then just dissapears :huh:
  3. Thinking about trying something new...would anyone have any interest in something like these? Of course there would be icons on the bottom bar and I havent decided on a clock font
  4. No program - but it is rather simple. Short explaination: Download a theme Unzip it Swap Images (pay attention to the image type and save as the same file name) Zip it back up You can mess with xml settings too, but if you dont know what your doing stay away.
  5. I have been working on new stuff - but ended up trashing it after a week of testing...but some new stuff is coming.
  6. Here you go (laurie9300 cabbed them up for me) make sure you follow the directions and install the NewSDKCerts.cab first and it will work. Cursors
  7. Thanks ken - I couldnt get the AM/PM to work without jumping so I left it out (I usuallly know whether it is morning or afternoon so it didnt bother me too much :( ) I do know about the words missing on that screen - I made the wrong panels black in the theme where the words are also black...oops - when I get a chance I will try and correct this. :D
  8. Just want to add my 2 cents: I have an Omnia i910 now...and holy F what a peice of sh*t!!! I mean I made it pretty cool (scratch that - tolerable) with all of the skins and what not, but sh*t screen drives me crazy and resetting my phone once a day and NO marketplace at all (I know there is one but what a pile of sh*t it is) I was so hoping to hear good things about the HD2 :rolleyes: I am so sick of these winmo fanboys (Im one of them haha) saying how much better windows mobile is with the ability to run multiple apps at the same time - arse nuggets!!! Whenever you try to the f*cking phones freeze up anyway. I have an ipod touch (which runs very similar to the iphone) and multiple apps do seem to be running on it in kinda a cockeyed way. When I come home each day there are notifications from Facebook and ESPN and even while Im in another app it will give me notifications, when the f*ck would I need anymore than that? And the internet is 1 million times better on itouch/iphone as soon as I get home I put my winmo phone on the charger and surf the web with a device that acutally works all the time, every time - my iTouch. ...and now all these f*gs are bashing windows phone 7 for trying to be like apple and what not...shut the f*ck up and let us finally have something that works likes its suppossed to coherently with microsoft's other products - ie Zune, Live. Maybe finally we can stop rigging our phones to run stuff its not made for and video will work and and and....and Im probably dreaming After using apple products and being jealous of how well they work - WP7 will be a breath of fresh air. (and I did jailbreak my itouch and did tons and tons of stuff to it that I could only dream about my windows phone doing - like working:) Cheers - thanks for helping with my decision
  9. Thanks Chopper - the "other stuff" that goes with this are linked, follow the links for downloads Been a bit busy guys will have updated version available for all who left feedback as well as some bonus versions soon
  10. Does it look like the screen in the pictures? That's how it's suppossed to look :)
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