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  1. What registry editor do you recommend? Any input greatly appreciated.
  2. That seems to have done the trick! Screen not coming on anymore, battery power seems to be holding up much better. Many thanks!
  3. My problem is that the phone wakes up (screen lights up) when the cellular data connection is made. And at work my reception isn't that good, so if the connection is dropped and reestablished the screen comes on for that. I haven't been able to find a setting to prevent wake up on establishing the data connection. Anyone know if this can be done? Thanks!
  4. Marble World 2 works great. You can guide the ball with a stylus or use total accelerometer.
  5. 1. Copy the exe file to your phone. You can put it anywhere, I put it in My Storage to save Device space. 2. Using File Explorer, navigate to the exe. 3. Click the Menu soft key, and choose Edit > Copy. 4. Navigate to My Device\Windows\Start Menu\Programs. 5. Click the Menu soft key > Edit > Paste Shortcut. 6. Close File Explorer. 7. Click Start > Settings > Personal tab > Buttons. 8. Highlight the button you want to use in the first column under Select a button. 9. Click the dropdown under Assign a progam and choose Shortcut to chgFingerMouse.
  6. Just installed this on my Omnia and it works perfectly! Thanks to all!
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