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  1. This happened out of a sudden. I can connect to msn but not IE! The phone dials for the operator's 3G network fine but if I punch in (say) yahoo.com in IE, connection is refused immediately and it says cannot connect and tells me to change the settings. I hard resetted my Omnia and installed the original Omnia rom, the IE works fine but when I switched over to Khuanchai's cooked rom:_IF1_23060_UL_PP6.zip, the problem returns. Any idea??
  2. Out of curiosity, I tried to reinstall the original DZIA5 rom to my Omnia after installing one of the WM6.5 roms from here. But an error msg appears that says software is incorrect. Check device. How can this be done? Thanks for reading.
  3. I actually shortlisted a number of phones based on my budget and requirements and they are *Acer F900 *i900 *TD2 *X1 My #1 choice was X1 until I read this thread. I would prefer a phone that comes with a kb (just like my old Zinc) but then X1 is now out of the picture. What I like about a WM device is the customisation, esp. customised os (I believe F900 is out here). TD2 is out cos it's the most expensive in the list and I'm not willing to pay that premium. Which leaves me with i900. I see the customised rom threads here and they make me salivate. :) It's about USD138 a piece over here with 2-yr operator plan and I only pay USD9 monthly for the plan. What do you guys say? Just one thing, some ppl commented that Omnia is slow. I have a Touch Dual and it is slow with the default HTC WM6. It's only slightly better with customised rom. Is the Omnia this slow? My opinion is that HTC devices are generally not speedy and requires some amount of tweaking for lag minimisation.
  4. Here in Singapore (USD/SGD - 1.429) 8Gb USD392 retail, USD138 with 2-yr cheapest operator plan
  5. add951

    Would you recommend the Xperia

    Would you guys recommend Omnia i900 over X1? I'm in a dilemma over these 2. lol Thanks in advance for yr comments!

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