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  1. Keep at it, you never know where the competition is at. Good luck and let us know how its coming along!
  2. If you can pull it off Dave you'll be a millionaire!! Would be awesome to have it running on WP7! Good luck
  3. Just to add my 2 cents like everyone else. Had an i900 omnia for 2 years, to be honest the phone was s*** but the constant flashing of new ROM's especially when WM6.5 came out made it fun as there was a fascination to have the phone run faster, smoother and reliable which didn't even happen at the end but the company here at Modaco made it a great experience nonetheless. Then the chefs slowly moved on and the old crew disappeared and I stopped flashing, then WP7 came out and I went to check it out cos it was time to move on, wow, I was left speechless as it was going from one extreme to the other and I thought should I as I wont be able to flash new Rom's and you cant change the UI and no file explorer etc etc the list goes on. A few months went by and my old phone was really starting to s*** me so went online to see the prices of WP7 and they were about $600-700 Aus for HTC HD7 and Omnia 7 or Samsung Focus, checked out eBay in the U.S and seen that the focus was selling for around $330 and ended up buying one. All my worries about flashing,UI, file explorer and all the other crap I had to do to have a decent phone were gone.WP7 is quick,smooth and reliable, the only real problems for me are marketplace chokes up once in a while and the camera is not the best. It transfers files and syncs like lightning, everything that you enter is put in place and category automatically so there is no need for file explorer. The home page has live tiles and you can add or move things around as you please and change theme color to your liking and I don't seem to have a need anymore to change the UI as it looks great and works flawlessly as is. Everything has been simplified so you use your phone faster and less to do other things you like just like in the commercial http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EHlN21ebeak . Cant recommend it enough! but just like everything else, sometimes it comes down to personal choice! Good luck!
  4. Hi Keivan, what about other programs made for WP7 platform?- http://www.unboundmedicine.com/products/windows_phone
  5. It looks a bit laggy in the video , whats it like with you guys? is it stable?
  6. Try a different USB port as some ports don't have enough power for charging just the minimum for data transfer.
  7. It all went quiet for a while but looks like it should be rolling out soon seeing that the french have received the update, I cant understand the logic behind it coming out in another country before the U.S, this whole update has been a joke. Can only imagine what Mango will be like if they're struggling with adding copy and paste to this one.
  8. LOL, yeah I've finally crossed to the other side. Got a brand new i917 focus for $330. Omnia i900 are going for $275!!! Who wouldn't cross over for that price??
  9. Never owned a Nokia and never intended to (never liked the OS) until now, the prototypes look awesome. Lets hope it goes well for everyone as I hope for wp7 to take off to another level and with Nokia coming on board it can only get better.......I hope! :D
  10. If your using these roms then they're windows mobile 6.5 which are all cooked roms as there was never an official release for the i900. Your best bet is to search for an original 6.1 rom if you want it in the original state to sell. As for windows 7 it never has and never will be available for the omnia. Best thing to do is go to a store where they have a demo phone set up and give it a try. Becareful you wont want to go home without the phone! :P
  11. Samsung Focus is the only one but there's compatibility issues at the moment until Microsoft can officially certify a card.
  12. Is there any way to disable the SMS preview ? Love these new phones but the total lack of privacy is a joke.
  13. Im waiting for my samsung focus to arrive any day now and cant wait to put the omnia in the drawer for good. Had enough of slow responses,freezing and every other possible thing happening. Dont get me wrong though, we all had some good times here, but its time to move on as the i900 has passed its used by date :D Cheers guys and see you all on the other side!!!
  14. Bump.. Anyone heard anything yet about 16gb models? Only one I've heard of is Germany. Is it true??? Edit: Apparently Germany has had them since November 2010. -Bought the Samsung focus instead.
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