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    Shootme was removed from the market by the developer. Any other app left? Or do I have to use the PC + JDK+ SDK option to create screenshots? http://thedroidguy.com/2011/08/shootme-screen-grabber-most-popular-screenshot-utility-gone-from-android-market/
  2. According to Ask Mr.Pigfish I have the Gen2 I have the same problem as this user.I was able to install recoveryManager. But it gives me the same arror as the above. "The application recovery manager (process com.podtwo.recoverymanager) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again." I also got the same error as mentioned in the above when I try to root my device with "UniversalANDRoot" if I try to root it while it is rooted. ""Failed! No ~~~ Fu goo ~~~" My device should be rooted now which I did with Z4ROOT Starting Z4ROOT gives me the option "Unroot"(I also have the "unroot" option with UniversalAndroot) so my device is rooted.Cuase when I unroot I don't have that option anymore. However RootCheck says "device not rooted"? At this point I am stuck. Maybe RecoveryManager fails the Superuser rights. Because it isn't in its list? Do I need the RecoveryManager or can I installed the Clockworkmod via ADB? I won't have the other RecoveryManager options won't I? http://android.podtwo.com/recovery/ Strange. I followed on reading this thread and also tried the temporary root. Now I was able to grand RecoveryManager Superuser rights and it started without any problems. Whats the reason I can only installed a temporary root? Stupid me. Temporary root was mentioned in the guide, shoot! Meanwhile I installed ClockworkMod I check this by rebooting into Clockworkmod.To be Continued ;)
  3. I only could move the first three files. I couldn't find the other two on my Dutch languaged Omnia i900 But I have the keyboard working.Keys are rather small. "Samsung_i900.Keyboard.Common.Landscape.Map.map Samsung_i900.Keyboard.Common.Portrait.Map.map Samsung_i900.Keyboard.Common.Portrait.Map.Symbols.map"
  4. I decided to start using Vito's "VoiceToGo", after I used the trial for awhile. I'll get the Omnia out of my Pocket. Click on "Go" say the number and put it back. Probely I put "VoiceToGo" on a hardware button. For receiving calls I don't have to get it out of my pocket only pushing the button on my headset is enough to talk.
  5. I suppose where the app is installed or in applicationdata
  6. It isn't a question of a cvooked ROM. The fact is that Samsung is leaving out an important app. without ANY reason. I have tried to do it manually but it sucks. I don't like MSVC. And I basically do not need Voice Command, but voice dial over BT. I like Cyberon v1.2 more which I have installed. So I am not planning to buy an Samsung again until the add whatever Voice dial in it. I will install my favorite myself. But I need to connection between BT en the Omnia.I don't like to be killed in traffic because of Samsung! @Conqueror. I was already aware of that thread. I am dutch so I like to have a dutch ROM. Meanwhile I have Tried Vito Voice Dail and Vito Voice Command. The last one has a problem with BT. The first works but not with BT. The third Voice2Go works but not with BT. This has a problem when BT is even switched ON. Decided to flash an english ROM. But the Khuanchai' Omnia WM 6.1 ROM DXIF1 build 21001 ROM has problems with screen alignment
  7. It seems nobody knows. It probely needs a hardreset then to get them away. I am not in a hurry, though. And my wifi is working fine :D
  8. Meanwhile. WM 6.1 with or Without M2D [ROM][19 Oct]WM6.1 21054 M2D v0.9/WM6.5 21867 M2D v0.1 for 6xx series WM6.5 with M2D [Oct 18 21869 WWE Beta 25M] WM 6.5 for 610c/612c/614c
  9. Whats on mine. Alot. Though I don't use everything. Often I just test programs just for fun. Often used: 1. TodayAgenda 2. UCWEB 3. Total Commander 4. Beyond Pod 5. QuickGPS 6. PocketXpdf 7. Google Maps 8. Favorite Hacks 9. GPSTEST 10. FBTV(Dutch) tv listings 11. Finansist PDA 12. TypeNote 13. WebVideoDownloader 14 Youtube app 15. Omniano 16. PHM regedit 17 NOS mobiel (Dutch News) 18 Uitzending gemist (Dutch missed shows) 19 Power tweakers 20 Smart Organizer (testing it) 21 OmniaSip and Omnia Threaded (switches) 22 Advanced Config 23. THM uninstaller 24 Picasa Mobile 25. No Data Trying out, AndroKid, FEWidgets, TheTool That's about it for now :)
  10. I wonder if the Omnia II has voice dial. The Samsung Qwerty doesn't has voice dial neither. I read this on a dutch forum where a guy who had bought the Qwerty wrote "Too bad it doesn't has Voice dial. But it can be installed" I think Samsung "dropped"something here.The Sony Xperia does have voice dial/Command too. It seems that the Omnia which comes in the Millionair package does has Voice Dial. The below is from a review, google translation. "Headset The included headset is like you in 'The Box' have seen above in two parts. The first section runs from the connector in the device into a small box containing the microphone and push-to-talk button. Use this button for voice dialing and recording / hanging up a call." Ofcourse it is not said it works with BT too.
  11. Well, there are alternatives for the TouchUI, like FEwidgets or Androkid For FWidgets there is another thread for the Widgets, and a Sense UI widget
  12. Yeah, I know. Iam switching back to my HT Touch Cruise, I think.
  13. IKt isn't there. I have tried, Cyberon and MS but nothing works with my BT headset when I push the button. I know there is a solution flashing the ROM. But there arn't dutch custom ROM's available. So I probely have to leave the Omnia and return back to HTC. Unless Samsung is coming with a fix but I don't thing they will. Leaving this out Samsung put the device 5-6 years back.
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