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  1. bandroid

    Handwriting in 2.1 rom

    Hi! could you upload the files for 2.0.1? My chinese isn't good enough to download it from chinese websites ...
  2. bandroid

    Your Home Screenshots ! *Hero*

    1. Mobile Buzz, Tech Buzz, News Buzz 2. The Guardian Anywhere (This Widget is wonderful. You click the image or headline to get to the particular story but you can also click little category text or the date to refresh and the little g icon takes you to the app homescreen) 3. Remember the Milk 4. Calwidget Yep, I took a functional and data-centric approach instead of a app-centric.
  3. bandroid

    Your Home Screenshots ! *Hero*

    Download the app "Backgrounds". You'll find it under the category Patterns.
  4. bandroid

    linux tools coming to MCR

    Hell yeah rsync! Thank you!
  5. bandroid

    Your Home Screenshots ! *Hero*

    My sixth screen is just the Sense full screen twitter widget.
  6. I think I'm not knowledgeable enough to discuss this on a proper level. :) Anyway do not misunderstand, I love and appreciate your work very much! But compcache definitly does slow down my phone considerably and the cause is imo that it keeps too many processes open.
  7. I've been disabling compcache since ... well since compcache was enabled. Because the phone would feel sluggish after a day of use or so. My theory is that the phone is not supposed to have more RAM. The Android OS memory management seems to at least keep 25-30MB free at any given time but with compcache enabled it can keep more apps/processes open, which the crappy CPU of the phone simply can't handle...
  8. You also need to push libspeech.so to /system/lib. I have one problem though, pressing the search button in the all Programs window will fire up voice search. :)
  9. Hi. Thanks Paul! Just updated to 2.3 core chinese but Custom Locale just force closes when I try to change the language.

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