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  1. Hi, Have just has a THB Bury handsfree kit installed for my XDAIIi. Has the radio mute function etc. Only problem is that all the folks I speak to complain of the echo. Has anyone else experienced/dealt with this? Thanks
  2. This looks grand. Have downloaded but left the USB lead in the office. Doh! But a couple of questions: My Orange contract has ended and I have another phone (XDAIIi - wow!). The C500 was app unlocked but I did a hard reset to clear all my data - will that reset the app unlock and if so, presumably Orange won't unlock it now? If I run the SIM unlock will I be able to load the C500 with a pay-as-you-go SIM? Thanks. Hope your Bank Holiday weather is dryer than mine 8)
  3. Thanks. The MDAIV looks interesting but is probably too bulky for my purposes, or indeed my jeans pocket :D You mention the XDAIIi - the M2000 seems to be the XDAIIs with a different badge - any views on the relative merits of the two? I'm not too sure I really need the slide-out keypad but WiFi, bluetooth and strong PDA performance are essential. Peter
  4. I love my C500, but it's not a PDA. I love my PDA, but it doesn't make calls. Fed up with carrying both around, so I checked my local Orange shop for an upgrade path from C500-M2000 (or even the sexier O2 XDA IIs). Orange man said whoa, there are some better devices on the way. Is he telling the truth? Thanks
  5. Hi, Has anyone successfully connected a C500 to Outlook Mobile Access? I have a feeling I need to install a certificate, but just cannot connect. Thanks
  6. Hi - over the weekend my C500 would shutdown every time I pressed a key. I found that the power-on button had stuck down and had to release it with a penknife. :?: Anyone else had this problem?
  7. I've never tried it across different accounts, but it's easy to sync more than one device on a single PC (but not at the same time). I sync my C500 and Dell Axim to my PC. Having established a partnership with the new device, call up ActiveSync, unplug the other device, choose File->Mobile Device and select the one you want. Plug it in and away you go.
  8. Took the plunge and installed CoPilot GPS with quickstart MiniSD. Generally excellent GPS, but when it has to recalculate a route the prog crashes with a memory allocation error (no I can't remember what it said exactly and when it happened last night I was on a roundabout in central London... :lol: ). I don't seem to have much program memory available (7mb +/-), although the only additional app installed is CoPilot. Is there a way of freeing up some more?
  9. The subject says it all - how do I back up/manage text messages? (Never throw anything away...)
  10. Thanks for that. Shot out to buy it but it has left the shelves :lol: What was the verdict?
  11. Well, my C500 brings up the quicklist with 2 options - disconnect GPRS and bluetooth setup. But does it matter that GPRS is connected all the time? Peter
  12. Hi - when I select the speakerphone option on my c500 it goes straight back to noemal profile. Is this a bug or 'by design'? I have read the forum posts about holding the green phone button, but how do i set the phone for speaker as a default? Thanks peter
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