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  1. ok still a few months left to run on my current contract but have decided to go for an Android phone next time. Did have my heart set on the Samsung i7500 but after all the positive coverage and hype the Hero as been getting, should I be going for this instead? Have had plenty of HTC devices in the past running WinMo and still suspicious of the radio performance of HTC devices. Would love to get the views and opinions of those in the know to help of choose which would be the better choice and why?
  2. In other words 'I don't have a clue what you are talking about and I'm not going to bother finding out either'.
  3. Sending this reply via WiFi from my Vario right now... Yep seen the pictures from the meet - no doubt the Hermes is one nifty looking device. But really, I'm not field-based, my office and house both have WiFi, I have one friend with a 3G phone and even then, we aren't going to be videocalling. Seriously I'm happy with my choice, and until such time the Hermes becomes publically available, I'm forming my opinions on exactly the same info. you guys are reading!
  4. Too late - went for the Vario, too good a deal to pass up. Happy chappy this morning! :)
  5. Notice how the footprint of the Breeze is similar to that of the top screen of an opened StrTrk? Still doesn't change the fact it is one ugly phone. Did anyone at the meet raise/answer the question about why it has all the grace of a '96 Nokia?
  6. OK its upgrade time. Do I opt for: T-Mobile MDA Vario II + Flext 25 + Web N Walk Pro
  7. The latest issue of Total Mobile has a big news page splash on the Meteor and Hermes and the launch of the HTC brand. The Meteor is most definitely shown without the front camera.
  8. I'd love to get an idea how much the Hermes is likely to be with contract. I hope it's not pitched at the same prices as the Universal variants.
  9. Hmm, has Orange got a business prevention unit? OK just because the other networks do it mean that your customers won't get pissed when you do it. Its the little bonuses and plus points that helps you keep and win customer. Orange can kiss my arse. Come 17 July, I'm gone!
  10. Why don't they just call the Breeze the TrKy?
  11. I now know 4 people with a Windows device. Two friends with a C600, one with O2 XDA IQ, and the guy in our Hong Kong office with the Dopod version of the Prophet. What I can tell from this I don't know, but compared to 3 years ago, that's 4 more people!
  12. Is it me or does the focus of Windows Mobile seem to be much more Pocket PC rather than Smartphone orientated now? Maybe the onslaught of the N-series has left HTC saying screw non-touchscreens, let Nokia have them? And talk about bad timing for the C700. Right after the World Cup when your biggest selling point is mobile TV. :-/
  13. Amen to that. Nothing really doing it for me on the phone front apart from the M600, but no way am I sticking with Orange with TMobile offering the unlimited data. C'mon TMobile, get the Hermes or Prophet in and you'll have a new customer tomorrow!
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