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  1. Have you run out of facias? I want to get one but your original auction is out of date.
  2. I've managed to crack my facia screen too. How much would Orange charge to repair it? I don't have orange care but looking at their t&c's it doesn't look like they would cover it anyway. How much are your replacement facias? - I can't get ebay at work.
  3. Yes works fine - the 2 bands are for the left and right channels, the 3rd is for the mic but if you're using standard headphones you won't need it. I've got one - no problems. EDIT - I'm going to file the plastic from around the plug of the adaptor so it fits better into the recessed hole of the C550 (after you take the stupid plasic cover off) Other than that it works fine
  4. Adaptor is £1.06 from Maplin - http://www.maplin.co.uk/module.aspx?ModuleNo=1144&doy=16m9
  5. A week on and it still works. Looks like its fixed. Thanks to whoever put the post up about the sim swap.
  6. Right, last night I put my girlfriends orange sim into my phone, went to settings and checked the voicemail number - it was the full +44 one. I then switched off the phone, changed sim back to mine and the voicemail speed dial was then set to the +44 number (I'd set mine to 123 originally). This morning my phone's speed dial has gone back to 123 just like I set it a few days ago and hasn't reverted to 654321 so success so far.
  7. I'm going to upgrade to the 550 as I've just discovered that it's free on my contract (everyday 50 - old skool) and it would be nice not to have a phone with loads of dinks in it where I've dropped it. I've also seem some photos from the camera and although it's not my main reason for getting the phone it would be nice to have some photos I can print out.
  8. I've had the 654321 problem since the ROM update however I 've also noticed that when I edited the registry to reduce the pause between rings this is also reset back to 3 (I set it to 1) so it seems that the problem is resetting the registry - or parts of it. Haven't tried the alternate sim trick yet. Will give this a go tonight and report back tomorrow with my findings.
  9. HTC will fix it for free - its a warranty claim. Call 08712230217
  10. Just called Orange (on hold for 30 mins) and they knew nothing of this change of fault diagnosis system. He said that if I had Orange care he would send one out, otherwise the warranty was with HTC, not them so as such I had to contact them instead. He basically cited the old 'its a cosmetic problem' rubbish so it looks like I'm sending my phone back to HTC and am going to have to be without for 5 days or so.
  11. Just to let you know that I've just phoned HTC and they were very helpful. I got the impression that he'd been getting quite a few calls regarding this in the last few days... They aim to have your phone back in 5 days and I gather from what he said that they modify your old phone to correct the problem. They're based in Milton Keynes so you could probably pop in if you're nearby. In fairness, I don't care who fixes my phone as long as I don't have to pay for it and it fixes the problem.
  12. Looks great but when I run it on my C500 the screen flickers. Does this happen to anyone else?
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