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  1. Is it really worthwhile to upgrade 2.1 to 2.2? I'm happy with with the current modaco rom and wonder what benefits there are? Aside from have the "latest and greatest".
  2. What don't you like about r5?? Have used it for more than a month and from my perspective it works really well - fast stable, no issues. Haven't tried Froyo so cannot tell if it's even better. Increassed speed and better battery life is desirable. Is Froyo much quicker than r5 on Hero?
  3. Thanks for the help!! Didn 't long press properly the first time.
  4. Thanks for the tip! I get the screen with miniatures but cannot drag them around - they are not in the original order. I'm running r5. Can you verify that you can move them around? Have tried power off/on but this doesn't make the icons movable.
  5. I probably accidentally changed the screen order. Have you any idea how to undo?
  6. Don't know how this came about but: When I press "home" button I now get to "favorites" screen (the one to the right of screen with clock and weather)instead of the original home screen. Have tried to find a way to adjust but cannot find any setting to correct. How do you do this??
  7. wabe

    PC Sync w r5

    I reflashed and now the phone phone mounts again. Pretty sure I added 'htc sync' in the first place, maybe the reboot was the actual fix. Thanks for the input!
  8. wabe

    PC Sync w r5

    Upgraded to r5 a couple of weeks ago and everything worked great until I wanted to move a file between my PC and the phone. The phone doesn't show up as a drive on the PC any longer. I 'cooked' my rom myself and almost certain I choose the 'htc sync' option in the kitchen. Is there a way to add this option afterward (if I messed up)? Is there a way to check if I did?
  9. wabe

    Latest radio and GPS

    I had the .11 radio. Flashing to .14 made a big difference! Thanks for the link!
  10. wabe

    Latest radio and GPS

    .14 radio?? Is this the radio incl in latest r5 image?
  11. It seems that GPS reception and time to GPS sync is much worse with latest radio. Has anyone else noticed this?
  12. Upgraded ny 2.1 r5 image to one including a2sd. Upgrade worked fine per se but all apk's are still in system folder.
  13. Flashed on working 2.1 r5 - no problem. Phone seems more responsive and faster
  14. Took the plunge and updated to r5 today (from MCR 3.9). I'm currently run a "baked" image without a2sd since I heard several people had problems. This is what I did: - wiped and reformatted ext-partition to ext3 (used ext4 before) - "factory reset" - flashed new image - setup mail accounts, wifi etc - restored missing apps with using titanium backup, using caution, - only restored apps I know I actively installed Everything works quite well - no problems whatsoever! I miss the custom kernel (technologist) and a fully working a2sd. I remember clearly the positive performance impact this had on the old version when it was introduced. Quite happy with this ROM in the meantime!
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