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  1. Well, here's my "me too" post - not a single scratch after months of intensive usage. I'm really not tender with my phones: I dropped it a few times already, sit on it on a regular basis and use it all the time. Yet, not a single scratch or wear. Fingerprints are very visible on such a shiny object, but it's nothing a little cloth can't handle. Looking forward for another JP3! I've been running froyo on mine for a while now, and it's quite nice (except the famous read only SD card, everything else is fine) Cheers - Trib'
  2. For the record - I finally got to buying a Nokia branded CA-75U cable, and it works perfectly. So if you get grey garbage, get another cable :D - Trib'
  3. Found a little quirck with the web browser - when a certain (high) number of windows are opened, opening the "windows" menu crashes the app... It's quite inconsistent - sometimes, as low as 3 open windows will crash the browser. Might be the websites I have open, I can't tell. Hope JP5 will fix this :) - Trib'
  4. EDIT: Yeah, backing up and restoring (basically using the recovery mode) actually doesn't work, as noted (cannot mount the sd card). Works a treat :) Removing all theses nonsense applications is a "pain" though (shame on Samsung for their Calculator app), and I had to push fancy widget to it :D Keep up the good work Paul! Thanks a lot! - Trib'
  5. well while I'm sorry for your cable problem, I'm a bit relieved- at least you see the same static I do, which means I just need to order a nokia cable on amazon :-) Unfortunately I already bought two non-working cables :-( Anyway, looking forward to the usb to hdmi cable :-) Trib'
  6. Having tried most if them I believe mixzing is the best one out there. It has a lock screen widget, an equalizer, and a "genius" player mode. Just my two cents :( -Trib
  7. Aww still no dice for me. I went and bought a more expensive cable - exact same result, just less money in my wallet. My TV is also a Samsung TV - would it be that Galaxy Ss work somehow worse with Samsung TVs than with other brands?!? :( Anybody have a working Galaxy S TV out on a Samsung TV? Cheers, - Trib'
  8. Are you sure? What cable do you use then? I checked, and Samsung does *not* manufacture any... Mind to paste a link to where I could buy one? Thanks a lot! - Trib'
  9. Hi all, I'm currently running Paul's R2 / JG1 on a european Galaxy S - and loving it. However, I can't get the TV out thing to work, no matter what I try. The best I can get is a grey garbage screen (I can vaguely distinguish some familiar looking icon shapes sometimes) The cable I'm using is an el cheapo "camcorder connection" 3.5 to Red/White/Yellow synch - is this what one is supposed to use? I tried switching yellow and red like some video and posts indicated - doesn't help. Does anybody have the same kind of problem? Thanks a lot! - Trib'
  10. I'm currently "trying" two websites (I'm from europe too). I'll post back here when I get an answer from them and let you know. Cheers - Trib'
  11. Same problem here. Stock HTC Hero stuck in an endless reboot when trying to install 2.8 or 2.9. - Trib'
  12. Alright, here's a step-by-step instruction for people suffering from SMS / Messages infinite "Loading..." message (it's just a step-by-step compilation of what can be found in other posts). I assume you have a recent ROM (I tested on 2.2), and adb accessible. Here's the magic: adb shell sqlite3 /data/data/com.android.providers.telephony/databases/mmssms.db ALTER TABLE sms ADD COLUMN index_on_sim INTEGER DEFAULT -1; (Press Control-D) exit Mind the semicolon (;) at the end of the SQL command (the line containing caps). Note that caps are not necessary, it's just the usage in SQL. That should work. Cheers - Trib'
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