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  1. yeah it looks much better than moto droid, imho
  2. thats what im doing lol, thats why i created this post, it seems too new for me and i am waiting a few months
  3. yeah my cousin ordered it, its only available through google, not a specific carrier
  4. anyone know if this is any good, or is it just a bust?
  5. lol i loved wad, but i flashed when 28014 came out cuz i heard IE speed got better, so i just went to pointui since i dont feel like re editing wad...i wish i could save my wad mods so if i flash then i dont have to waste time trying to put it back together...yeah ill post some pics on my other post. u use spb screenshot to do that right?>
  6. it really comes down to the settings in ur phone, if you have auto updates for email, weather, facebook, or whatever, plus another ui running it often affects battery performance...as well as wifi, bluetooth, screen brightness, and sound settings...
  7. oh i found the site...its the alpha test right, ill wait until the first already tested release comes out, i am kinda comfortable with my mac os x pointui theme
  8. ohhhh nice is infinity up and running now, i thought it was still in production, post a link if u dont mind, ill also check on google thx =]
  9. ehh i dont feel the same...if today is so good then why even waste all that memory and battery life on a whole new ui that is constantly running
  10. i often felt the same way...however i hated the fact that when u push the end key it takes you out of winterface and back to titanium, this was very annoying, if u could fix that then id deff be on winterface too...
  11. nah i can tell you right here, just click new topic in the upper right hand corner and you have to fill out the basic info but at the top there should be a poll editor option and you basically just fill it out...if you need more help i can go in depth but its not hard to do
  12. after u turned location on, did you go into google maps and click "use gps?"
  13. i know all the possible ui's for omnia, i just wanted peoples opinion on what the most finger friendly ui is...im currently on pointui
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