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  1. Can download but can't install on samsung galaxy s - pm install gives me "install_failure_container_error l
  2. very clean and tidy...mine is pretty much like that, apart from the rear cover which is slight (ever so slightly) worn in a couple of places.
  3. Hi all, I've done a little research and cant seem to find what I'm looking for... Does anyone know of an app that will allow me to print photos, documents, etc from my phone to my Epson Photo R220 printer, which will be on the same network (obviously as long as I'm using the wifi!). I tried PrinterShare Droid, but this seemed quite flaky...perhaps it's because the printer is connected to my Linux machine? I dunno! Anyway, any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Hi Paul, In anticipation I thought I would throw some questions out to you about the forthcoming JP3 repack rom: 1) Will this solve the issue of not being able to write to the External SD Card? 2) Will it include any kind of lag fix? I'm currently running the "One Click Lag Fix - Version 1", which works well. 3) Will there be any other bits and pieces worth knowing about? 4) Would it be possible to include Titanium? For people doing a full wipe it makes sense to cut out the first step of downloading Titanium, in order to restore all other apps. Thanks in advance.
  5. I've been looking at mine under different lighting conditions and cant really tell that many marks apart from the rear cover (which is now covered). I'm not sure what constitutes heavy or moderate use...I guess my using habits dont include the main button that much? Will keep an eye on it for now, but overall I'm really happy with it. Cant wait for the JP3 repack from Paul...will be great to see if it removes all lag? Paul, have you tried these one-click lag fixes, as shown here and at XDA? Would be interesting to see how your repack fares with the fixes? I really dont care about Quandrant scores, as there are so many factors...what I'm more concerned with is the overall feel. I'm interested to see what the i/o feel is like and whether there is any lag opening / closing apps, etc.
  6. The annoying thing is though...when the phone is working, it's STUNNING. My wife has my Hero now (she loves it), but even with custom roms on the Hero my SGS is still MUCH better overall. The lag fixed changed the aesthetic feel to my phone a LOT, and I enjoy it very much now...I guess it's now about keep the aesthetics externally nice and pristine. That said, the first impression of the handset is that it's a little cheap and nasty!
  7. I think that will go SOME WAY to elevating the negative feelings toward the handset...at least with no lag people can then begin to focus on the external issues. Mind you, I think a lot of people are hoping that the forthcoming official Samsung release will solve a lot of the software issues. Let's face it, in terms of software there's no way Samsung is going to have a worse track record now than HTC...who epically failed with software fragmentation and did nothing to change that.
  8. No, I know...it's a valid point you make. However, I dont see that even contacting Samsung will change the materials that they use to make the handset, so something else will need to be done?
  9. If someone can grab a main point of contact then I think it's something that we should definately do. I guess with more and more contact to Samsung, they might do something. To a degree I'm now regretting my decision not to get a HTC Desire...mind you, I've been pretty happy with the phone since getting a lag fix onto the handset. On that point Paul, you tweeted recently that you were going to work on a decent lagless rom (or a fix...cant remember)...how's that going? Any progress?
  10. Wow, your main button is bad mate...very bad. Mine does not have a single mark on it, but I'm not sure that I use it that much. Perhaps the advice is to get it shipped with a protective case of some kind...maybe a screen shield also?
  11. So is there something that we can do about these issues? force either the network provider or Samsung to start making replacements? If the build quality is that bad, then they have some responsibility to change them...especially since they are now heavily advertising the phones on UK television?
  12. Well Paul, I would say that the most annoying feature of the phone's design (so far) is the little raised bit above the speaker....this kind of screams out "I want to be scratched, so I'm going to be!". This showed signs of wear first of all, due to me placing it on tables, etc. However the back cover has shown signs of minor scratches already. That said, I did shell out on a ADVERTISING SPAM silicone case for the back, so I dont mind so much now. With regards to the front, I've not noticed anything wearing away, especially around the 'capacitive" buttons. I will, of course, keep an eye out on that...but perhaps it's only an issue on some handsets. I make this last statement, but I think I saw a post over at XDA, where the bezel corners showed unequal gaps around the handset...whereas mine seems fine.
  13. Has anyone got any real info about whether this fix will prematurely depreciate the handset? after all, it's running into areas where it wasn't supposed to run (if I understand it correctly)
  14. ...no, but you can choose to show only those contacts with a phone number!
  15. Not account, etc but the data backup...as found in settings/privacy
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