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  1. emotiveicon

    Cant download anything from market place

    Have you recently changed your Gmail account from [email protected] to [email protected]? Doing so will prevent you from downloading anything from the Market and will prevent you from using Google Chat. It's a known problem and Google are working on a fix.
  2. emotiveicon

    HTC Desire £348.99 on T-Mo PAYG (easy unlock and de-brand)

    I ordered the T-Mobile PAYG Desire from Mobilephonesdirect and it turned up today. It's a completely SIM-FREE device. No branding on the ROM or the phone itself. I just slipped my Vodafone SIM straight in and it worked off the bat! Brilliant! Now I don't have to bother with getting a code for the SIM or flashing a de-branded ROM with the goldcard method. Well pleased! The Desire is everything that the Hero should have been when it first came out. Can't wait for Paul to get busy in the kitchen once he's able to :P
  3. emotiveicon

    HTC Desire £348.99 on T-Mo PAYG (easy unlock and de-brand)

    Thank you, Scotch (and @PaulOBrien via Twitter)! Order placed and now I'm like a kid waiting for Christmas day :P
  4. emotiveicon

    HTC Desire £348.99 on T-Mo PAYG (easy unlock and de-brand)

    Hey guys, I'm planning on purchasing this deal now that there's an easy way to de-brand the ROM with a gold card. Only question is: does this phone actually have the T-mobile logo printed on its exterior? If so, I'd rather just pay extra for an unlocked one!
  5. emotiveicon

    Where to buy HTC Parts

    That's good advice: "Buy once, buy well," as my Nan always said!
  6. emotiveicon

    ChompSMS Donation

    Hi guys - I was wondering if I could poll you for some opinions. I've been using ChompSMS for a while now and just recently it's updated to v3.2 which puts ads in the top of your inbox: v. annoying. I decided to upgrade to the paid version but noticed that there wasn't one in the Android Market. Instead you have to 'donate' via Paypal to unlock the ad-free version. This payment is made outside of the Google Market and I'm wondering how the 'purchase' will be secured against my account details. What happens if I flash a new ROM? If I have to download the app from the market again, will I have to pay another £1.75 'donation'? I've done some research on the Android website and the practice of taking external payments for apps distributed through the Market seems to break Google's rules... :) Has anyone else used ChompSMS and donated for the ad-free version? Will the ad-free survive a factory wipe/flashed ROM? I'd appreciate your experiences and opinions on this practice!
  7. emotiveicon

    Google Buzz on MCR 3.2

    What version of Maps are you using? I haven't had any such option using Maps 3.1.2 on MCR3.2 beta 5. Are you using Maps 4.0? I thought that was only for Android 2.x?
  8. emotiveicon

    mobile version of modaco?

    I've noticed the same thing though I'm actually pleased that it now shows the full site. When it was showing the mobile-optimised website none of the forum threads would open up. If I tried to access a thread through my mobile network (Vodafone) I'd get an error saying that the page couldn't be opened and if I tried over Wifi the page was just blank. Nothing would ever load up... Anyone else had this problem with their Hero? Maybe it's the reason that the mobile site isn't running now?
  9. emotiveicon

    New version of HTC Sync for Hero (and friends)

    I just tried downloading it from the European server and it was WOEFULLY slow (11-13Kbps). Now that I've got it I've thrown up a torrent for those that want a faster download: http://thepiratebay.org/torrent/5159848/HT...HTC_Magic__Hero
  10. Hey, teknologist, I just want to thank you for the work that you've put in to making the HTC Hero one of the best Android phones currently available. Seriously. You and Paul have worked freakin' miracles! I was just wondering if you had a Paypal account in to which you could receive donations? I asked Paul about one and he set up a Paypal 'Donate Now' button shortly afterwards. Could you do the same on your blog? I really want to support you guys in what you're doing for us less technically-minded folk and I'm sure I'm not the only one!
  11. emotiveicon

    T-Mobile Pulse review, buy link + in-box DVD download

    Nice review, Paul. This looks like an awesome handset for the price. My girlfriend saw my Hero and got all envious for Android. Do you know if there are any plans to root and unlock this phone? If my girlfriend could use her own O2 SIM in this then I'd definitely get one for her.
  12. emotiveicon

    trackball has a mind of its own

    You mean like this? I had this problem pretty badly when I was using the original firmware and it was largely improved by installing the updated 2.7xx.xx RUU firmware from the HTC website. I then went on and installed MCR2.3 but the problem didn't improve any further. If the problem is caused when the phone is using Edge perhaps I noticed an improvement because my radio firmware was updated, improving reception. Either way, I guess we just have to sit tight for HTC to release a patch? @ratcom - yeah, I found that the ol' 'Nintendo Blow' sometimes makes you feel like you're making a difference. As does tapping it lightly on a hard surface. If that doesn't make you feel better, bang it harder :)
  13. emotiveicon

    Keyboard auto-corrections w/ 2.73.405.5

    Thanks for letting me know about the double-space automatic-fullstop thing. That doesn't seem quite so bad but this is still going to take some getting used to. Does anyone know if the same keyboard issue is in MCR 2.2? I don't know the first thing about rooting and I was a bit scared to do it but I'm prepared to read up and give it a go if it stops the auto-spacing...
  14. emotiveicon

    Keyboard auto-corrections w/ 2.73.405.5

    Hello everyone. I'm new. Be gentle! Last night I updated to the new 2.73.405.5 ROM released from HTC via their website. Since then I've noticed that they've made some adjustments to the keyboard and its auto-correction. When you type a '.' it automatically puts a space afterwards. Kinda of annoying but I could live with that. But that's not all... When it puts in the space it doesn't switch the keyboard to upper case like it used to. So I start typing *tap tap tap* and quickly realise that the first letter of my new sentence hasn't been capitalised. So I delete back to the first letter, delete the first letter (not the space between the first letter and the '.' though), I hit shift and then continue typing. Then I notice that my first letter still isn't capitalised. When I deleted the first letter the keyboard THEN chooses to shift to the upper case. It's so utterly counter-intuitive. I know that I shouldn't be such a stickler for grammar at the age of 26 but GODAMMIT it's not right. I can't find any options to turn off this new keyboard function without turning off prediction all together. Interestingly, it does the auto-space thing with a ',' too. But it doesn't do it for '!' or '?'. Does anyone know if I'm missing anything, whether I'm the only person with this problem or whether this is something that HTC overlooked with the new ROM. This is now driving me batshit crazy. Any offers of advice would be really appreciated. Thanks chaps.

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