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  1. Yep. I am using S2U2 v2.41 and I had no issues with vibration volume turning down to 0. Maybe it's some settings that is causing it? Use Task Manager end any Windows Media or Touch Player instances you have. The modified camera.exe has it's prompt to close other media players removed.
  2. Oh, does anyone knows why when I edit photos using the Samsung Photo Album, clicking on the Save As does nothing? I can overwrite the current photo by clicking OK but that isn't what I want. Is there any missing exe that links to the dialog?
  3. Mine was due to an input method being installed which replaced a DLL called ImmVibe.dll, causing the vibration to malfunction. But for your case, it might be that the vibrate volume has been turned down to 0. Hope that helps.
  4. Yes, I know that setting but the phone ain't vibrating when it's set with Vibration mode.
  5. May I know how to enable back the vibration for notifications, samsung keyboard, etc? As it seems like there's only vibrations for ringtones. Also there isn't vibrations in the test mode. I am using the JH2 version. Okay, there's no vibration on alarms either. :P
  6. yea, I knew that most of my questions are of rarity. (kind of odd I use my device for different purpose among the rest) just wanted to make sure someone took notice of it. ;)
  7. so, no one bothers about my question again.. :) here's a screenshot then:
  8. here i ask my question again since no one bothered: anyone uses japanese font and input on their omnia 2? if so, can anyone confirm if this rom has the font bug when Meiryo is copied to \windows\fonts ? (like google maps has some weird rotated 90 degrees anticlockwised letters)
  9. can anyone confirm if this rom has the font bug when Meiryo is copied to \windows\fonts ?
  10. bug: the touch player can't play many of my videos that I had it playing fine previously. and also the camera has its sounds sure-on. which means to say that even though you set your phone to silent, the camera sounds still plays.
  11. strange, I have all the usual games. unless you meant that it cannot be ran?
  12. hmm, only flashed PDA part and I can't change to English. edit: nvm, seems like csc is the culprit yet again.
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