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  1. Your phone is like mine. It is a sim free one. As you can see on this list of CDCs, we are still awaiting an update. Last update, they waited until all the manufacturers released there's. http://www.sammobile.com/2013/01/23/samsung-rolls-out-android-4-1-2-jelly-bean-update-to-the-galaxy-s-ii/ Fed up of waiting and thinking of going down custom rom route.
  2. Hi guys. This method seems to be the only way that works for me. I don't know why. Can anyone re-upload the file on the first page please. Thanks
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    I'd like to use google tasks but I like to sync with outlook tasks atm. I like this free program: http://www.sprinxcrm.com/SprinxCRM%20Outlo...20Milk/faq.html You can also get a RTM addin for gmail Can anyone else get gtasks syncing with outlook?
  5. In response to some of the earlier posts in this thread about boot loops, try this it worked for me: I had Modaco 3.1 with a EXT3 partition on my SD card, working for ages. I updated to EXT4 without changing anything else and got boot loops. I tried a few things without wiping or restoring and found that the only thing that worked was to do another upgrade ext2 to ext3. For some reason it then loaded and my apps work fine. Also, my phone is now rediculously fat, although that might be because I updated to MCR3.2b3 (afterwards).
  6. The awesomness that is Wavesecure: Today I picked up my phone and left the house. Only to find that I didn't have it half way to work. Tracked it down on Wavesecure. It was close by the house (how it got there I'm not sure). Anyways, I got it to lock with a message (saying ring my housemate) and a wail. A builder found it and it is returned and safe. Aaaah. Signed up for Ad free lase night and baked me a rom. Nice going Paul (on both accounts).
  7. Think I put this in the wrong thread before:
  8. Hi sorry for a newbie question: I installed the recovery image and then installed the Mocado custom rom from here. It is great. It runs really fast now. I am now confused with the radios. I used the following zip from the first post: 2.2-update-hero-modacocustomrom-core-signed.zip Is my radio updated? What do I have to do to update it now? Do I need another clean wipe?

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