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  1. I've read somewhere that it's possible to flash rom when my storage is gone. Just not sure that am I suppose to flash .MST or .nbo rom. Can anybody confirm me on that ? Thanks in advance
  2. My I8k just lost its storage yesterday, a hardware problem for sure because it was dropped from the table I read somewhere that w/o the main storage, we can still flash cooked rom, with the .nbo extension Can anybody confirm that for me, I don't want to go to the customer service to replace the storage because it's too costly Thks a lot
  3. Try T*OMNIA2 main menu, it's looks similar to touchwiz 3.0 main menu, and sure faster than stock samsung main menu
  4. I tried it already, didn' work, it just not an animated picture to be replaced by an .gif file BTW, try my two selections, you'll see a black screen about some seconds between them. Can you possibly make the power_on.gif slower to fill the gap ?
  5. I knew this before but what i'm asking is how to modify the gif. Which software do you suggest :) Thanks a lot. Wondering why modaco administrators don't add a "Thanks" button here somewhere B)
  6. Impressive, thanks a lot But can you replace the bios check with this This gif (if slowed down a little) will match the samsung startup tune perfectly Or at least can you tell me how to do it, please :)
  7. All problems above are fixed in build 21887. You can get it from pdaviet.com :) http://www.pdaviet.net/showthread.php?t=79058&page=4
  8. So you actually think that you won, what if that's me :)
  9. Which site did you get that from, maybe i'll get one for new year ;)
  10. I'm not flashing rom recently but i can give you my solution cause IJ6 has the problem. Use the option "Auto power up" in the wake up alarm. Then shutdown your phone and charge before going to bed. Pretty easy, huh ;)
  11. The previous one of mine was v1.3.6.Build.7427. It gets really lag and i can't figure out the best settings, and it doesn't support big thumbs neither. So i gave up using it :(
  12. One day i realized that i`ve got only 2Gb left and that's when i started worrying =="
  13. I'm curently looking for the most balanced between quality and size video format for my Omnia2(using Media player) Any of you guys can suggest me one and the converter either(format factory's cool but so slow) :D Thanks so much :(

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