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  1. Third time went like a charm. Don't know why but now it works. Can anyone confirm that Apps2SD or Apps2SD+ is NOT included if not using Online Kitchen? I used the links in the first post to download this custom ROMs. How do I add Apps2SD (or apps2SD+) to my Hero? By the way, which one should I use apps2SD or Apps2SD+?
  2. Hi Why am I getting these bootloops on the white background with the HTC logo in green? Tried wiping SD and ext3 and repartition it again. How did others solve this issue? What other custom ROMs do you recommend trying? Cheers, Z
  3. Is there a new Modaco based on 2.1 för HTC Hero yet? Can someone confirm progress or do I need to get another mod?
  4. Wavesecure is free for Android on Market. But for how long? Will I still be able to use this version after they make it a paid app? Thanks for a great job Paul
  5. Yes, please add this to the ROM.
  6. Double post. Can I remove this?
  7. Hi I removed the SDCard to see if the Apps were stored on the SDCard. It turns out only some apps are stored on the SDCard and some on the device. Some apps could be started anyway even though I installed them today and I have restarted the device. Why not all apps on SD? Btw, I think my Hero is kind a sluggish with the MCR 2.3. Anyone else has this problem? Also, does anyone have a good app (windows) to extract contacts to the PC and edit the info and send it back to the device? It's kind of hard to copy/paste on the device. Also if same contact is duplicated with different info. I know there is vCardIO but I don't want to edit it in notepad. Any application to help out with this?

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