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  1. Using the XDA prebake, full screen TV streams do not work. Mostly trying to stream from http://antena3.ro/live.php Streaming non-full screen will occasionally work but often crash the browser. This is the same on two devices. We have done a full wipe on both and reflashed again.
  2. Using the One XL / AT&T One X for a day now and it seems to be better than the One X (EU) I used. It doesn't get as painfully hot when on charge, I managed to get the core temperatures on the Tegra version to 93.0 centigrade! Battery life does seem better on the S4 One X but I have only been using it for about 8 hours so haven't had enough time to really test it, only two major downsides I have found with the phone is the aggressive AT&T branding on the phone, not used to having any branding on the phone as I usually just buy them outright, and the lack of mA battery drain reporting from the phone. Other than that it seems to be a very good phone with an everso slight edge over the Tegra version. If there is an unbranded version of the S4 ROM I would love to have it, lucky enough to have an s-off model with super CID so no problems with flashing from RUU.
  3. Damn! I have no idea what you have done to this rom Paul but my signal strength is a lot better. Seems odd that the rom would have such an effect.
  4. I have tried to bake in the oc / uv or just the ov kernal and no mater which options I select I seem to have the stock kernal. I'm also having an issue with the battery icons.
  5. I try to flash the stock and it says it fails. "E: Can't open /sdcard/stockrom.zip (bad) installation aborted."
  6. I some how managed to wipe off the OS from the phone. I have tried reflashing new ones on there and they say they have installed but I still get stuck on the HTC screen. I have S-off'd and have clockwork I would like to end up on the stock rom with everything back to stock in the end. But a working phone is more important. :-) Any ideas?
  7. when installing the driver on W7 I get an error message that the driver is already in use.
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