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  1. I've been using the latest LeeDroid which also has custom governor settings and so far I've not had any of the performance issues I was experiencing with MCR r9... though it's only been 24 hours... battery life seems on par, except for some commute time Angry Birds drainage :) I'll keep using this ROM for a few days, then switch back to r9 and see if the performance issues come back again. nb. flashed LeeDroid with no wipe and I had no problems.
  2. - I have the same radio - I'm not using SetCPU, just disable perflock and governor settings - have you added any new apps recently that might be hogging background processes? I've recently installed Skype which always seems to be running even when I've ended the task... Other than that a few things but mostly games. I'm trying LeeDroid out for a few days, but not going to wipe if I can avoid it...
  3. +1 Have you tried any other ROM's to see if you get similar issues? Are you using the CPU Governor additions? I am going to try a different ROM for a few days and see if I have similar problems or not... I'll report back.
  4. I'm downloading a cooked r9 from the Kitchen... normally this is pretty high speed, but right now im only getting 20-30KB/s, 1 hour remaining. I don't mean to complain, but I'm hungry for some gmail 2.3 action! Is it just me?
  5. I'm quite excited to hear more about HTCSense.com, especially the price (free as in beer?)... Will be interesting to see the types of services they decide to offer as it gains popularity, and having a vanilla-security solution for Sense users is a huge bonus at point-of-sale. Thanks for your coverage of the event Paul! Rightio then I'm off to catch a bus to the meetup! Just have to decide which venue to go to...
  6. "Standby time: Up to 490 hours for WCDMA, Up to 420 hours for GSM" really love to know exactly how they calculate this... maybe with no 3G, no updates, no touching...
  7. My first day using this Mod - 12 hours in and I've got 75% battery left. Not as good as what others are reporting in this thread, but definitely better than it used to be... normally by this point i'd be below 50% at least. I'm keen to try the calibration process linked above - has anyone else tried it and had noticeable improvement in battery life?
  8. Streetdaddy

    On Air

    Awesome app for fast transfer of large files eg. Music, Video, ROMs
  9. I'm using LeeDroid 1.8c ROM at the moment, but want to flash MCR r8 because in the past I've found it more stable. Shouldn't have stopped using it in the first place! Will I need to do a full wipe before reflashing, or should be ok to just flash MCR? I would prefer to not have to set everything up again....
  10. full screen weather animations look interesting, but are they as beautiful as those on Sense? I love showing friends the rain and windscreen wipers going across my home screen on wake...
  11. It is indeed an awesome app - the only downside is the amount of apps you'll end up installing out of sheer curiousity!
  12. Thanks for this. Since i posted I removed the sdcard, reinserted, uninstalled and reinstalled the apps again and miraculously everything is working ok now... Nevertheless I am going to follow your instructions just to make sure I'm working with a clean setup! Ah the joys of phone hackery...
  13. after having issues with a boot loop I wiped my desire, repartitioned my sdcard and reflashed MCR 3.1 flash went ok, but I have reinstalled a number of apps and just about all of them force close as soon as I open them... I've tried uninstalling an reinstalling but get the same result every time... Apps that force close: Spare Parts, Swype, SMS Popup, Advanced Task Killer Free Apps that seem to be fine: Dolphin Browser HD, Facebook for Android, AppBrain Any suggestions what could be the problem? Is my sdcard partially borked? its only a few months old Samsung 8GB class 6...
  14. I was able to get it working again by doing all the wipes suggested above. I formatted the sdcard by re-partitioning via recovery. Then reapplied MCR 3.1 and I'm back in business, albeit having lost all my settings and spotify downloads.... oh well, at least I have a phone again! Update: scratch that - I still have the issue of the phone turning off... its as bad as before, if not worse :lol: next step - flash the stock ROM and see if I have the same problem.
  15. Thanks for the responses everyone... I did indeed have the circle clock mod, and have not been able to completely wipe. I will try this tonight and see what happens. I'm planning to completely wipe and then use the fake flash and then reflash MCR 3.1... One question though, how to Wipe everything - /data, /cache, dalvik-cache, sd-ext ? In the Recovery screen I can get to I only have the option to Factory reset and Wipe cache (can't remember the exact options, i left my phone at home...)
  16. Streetdaddy

    Boot loop

    I'm running MCR 3.1 on my unbranded desire. I've been having a problem where the phone turns off randomly and it's gradually gotten worse and worse to the point that it happens within 10 minutes of turning it back on. So I emailed HTC support, and they replied saying I've installed some bad 3rd party apps and I should factory reset. So I did this via the recovery screen but now it is stuck in a boot loop. It boots to the 'Quietly brilliant' bit then gets stuck there, restarting the writing of 'Quietly brilliant every 30 seconds or so. I've left it for over an hour and its not booting up... So I read some threads on here and tried factory reset followed by wiping the cache - still stuck in a boot loop. Then I tried removing the SD Card and still, it's stuck in a boot loop... Can anyone suggest what I could try next?
  17. This is not the problem I'm having. When I find my phone off, I press the Power button and it has to boot up. So it is definitely OFF... So it sounds like still nobody who has the exact same problem that I do.... ;)
  18. I'm able to turn mine on again no problems... Are you running many of the same apps that I am? It did seem to start happening since I've installed the latest swype beta I think... But that's just a guess
  19. I have seen a thread on XDA about desire rebooting randomly. I have a similar problem, but my phone doesn't restart - it just turns itself off... I'll take my phone out of my pocket to find that it's off and I can find any reason why. Is it related to this restarting issue? It seems to happen at some point after I've made a call, but hard to say for sure. Is anyone else having this problem? Is there anyway I can debug it or see a log of what happens just before it turns off? My phone is rooted, running MCR 3.1 w/ A2SD+. Also have the battery indicator mod and changed the keys so 2x menu press wakes the phone, and power button doesn't put it to sleep. List of apps installed: twidroid for twitter Dolphin Theme: Blue Friction Mobile 2010 World Cup ConnectBot Droid Jump Winds of Steel Demo AppBrain App Market CacheMate for Root Users Dolphin Tweet Dolphin Browser HD Google Services Instant Buttons JuicePlotter Air Horn! World Cup Virtual Vuvuzela SMS Unread Count App to QR Star Wars Light Saber Google Earth Speedx 3D Gearoid (SMS/GameGear emu) Barcode Scanner Air Control (Ad) White Noise Lite Free Advanced Task Manager LED Light Google Goggles WiFi Status Google Translate Google Sky Map Shazam PapiJump XkcdViewer Bookmarks to SD Gmail Unread Count ZENONIA® Free Del.icio.us Bookmarks Bookmarks Widget Speedtest.net Speed Test SMS Popup Google Maps London Underground ThrottleCopter Note Everything Get Me Home (London) Zedge Ringtones & Wallpapers Remember The Milk Places Directory My Maps Editor by Google Spare Parts Facebook for Android Titanium Backup ★ root WaveSecure Mobile Security View this app list on AppBrain
  20. Thanks Paul! Appreciate the quick reply as well as your great work...
  21. This is just a question unlike some of the downright demands I often see from people on here: once Htc have officially released the froyo update, realistically how long does it take for a new MCR to ber released? Are we talking days? Weeks? Just trying too decide if I'll remove MCR 3.1 so I can get the official OTA... that's if it even comes in the next month!
  22. We've all heard the completely unsubstantiated (AFAIK) rumour that started at XDA - http://android.modaco.com/content/htc-desi...n-23rd-of-june/ But who actually believes we're going to see a Froyo update on June 23? Not me... Maybe Christmas...
  23. Download: 2289 Kbps Upload: 617 Kbps Ping: 161ms Network: O2 UK (HSDPA) Server: London Location: Soho
  24. Call this guy and give him the GPS coordinates. Problem solved...
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