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  1. Roton

    MCR r21 Archive

    Damn, I only just installed r20 last night and installed all my apps again. I never feel comfortable flashing without wiping but I might have to this time. Can anyone who's already installed confirm the echo is gone? I cannot hear it but people I am on the phone to always comment on it.
  2. Roton

    MCR r21 Archive

    Thanks man, time to flash :lol:
  3. Roton

    MCR r21 Archive

    Can someone confirm com.google.voice.android works on this rom before I flash? This is where you click on "speak destination" in Navigate and tell it where you want to go. I've found it FC's on the last 2 Froyo roms I tried. Thanks in advance.
  4. You just have to flash the official .ruu file from htc. That will reset everything to factory including the radio.
  5. Roton

    Villain ROM vs RaiDroid

    +1. The best 2.1 rom I've used (and I've used most).
  6. Roton

    Android 2.2 - check this out .....

    I don't know, I thought the source was universal? apart from the senseui, even if they are, the 2.1's aren't and I also like the vanilla releases (which again are nothing to do with htc).
  7. Roton

    Android 2.2 - check this out .....

    I couldn't care less about HTC tbh. The only HTC firmware I used was the one which came with my Hero; it was slow and buggy. I've moved through various versions of Modaco's custom rom and now to some 2.1 leaks. They all performed near perfectly. I would even be happy to run a vanilla 2.2 rom, HTC can just stick to making phones... leave the firmware to people who understand how to meet deadlines and exceed expectation.
  8. Roton

    Android 2.2 - check this out .....

    Yeah because android 2.2 will only be for the nexus one.
  9. Roton

    Android 2.2 - check this out .....

    I really hope this is leaked. We might be having a 2.2 custom rom on our hero's before htc even release the official 2.1 lol.
  10. Roton

    UK users beware of GMail switchover

    Why do something so major like a restore? Just go to Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > Google Apps > "Clear data" > OK. Then Settings > Data Synchronization > Google I had to change my google account a few months ago so read this method from cheggerspop at androidforums and it worked.
  11. Roton

    Touchscreen issue after flashing

    Nope, I'm flashing roms so often that I only backup apps these days. Good advice, thanks. The keyboard works fine on 3.2, but if I flash SenseHero again I get the same problem. I flashed BeHero after, and still same problem. Now back to 3.2 and it works :s This is so weird, I've gone through the entire batch file for applying the rotary wallpaper which caused the problem and everything is copied to directories which are wiped during a new image install. So what has it changed on my phone that has screwed up every 2.1 release? Ah well looks like I'll be on 3.2 for now :P
  12. Roton

    My Hero dont turn on!

    Have you tried to put a signed image on the microsd card (using your pc) and rename it to update.zip. Then flash it from the menu in the photo?
  13. I was running SenseHero 2.2 perfectly but then I (stupidly) felt the need to update the lock screen to the rotary lock screen. The update worked and the rotary lock screen was installed fine. However, since then my touchscreen does not work completely. The middle keys all work, but those near the edge of the screen do not (backspace etc.). I've tried: - wiping data - wiping dalvik-cache - wiping and formatting my sd card - wiping battery settings - wiping rotate settings - flashing a new image - re-calibrating my touchscreen What is there left to try? I am certain this is not hardware related since it started straight after I installed that update. HELP!! edit: Does anyone know if the /system directory is wiped when you flash a new image?
  14. Roton

    Hero update now pushed to June?

    You haven't cleared out the cache or wiped before installing. I did a fresh wipe, cleared cache and formatted before install and its easily as fast (if not slightly faster) than Modaco.

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