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  1. how do we upload this rom into our phones? using octans downloader, when i try to as the PDA image, when the phone turns on it hangs at the samsung home screen... any ideas? flashed the original rom earlier and it worked... using octans. pls help.
  2. WORKED LIKE A CHARM, thanks man ur a life saver... got my keyboard back. Thanksss alot man. :angry:
  3. hey thanks buddy i'm adventerous! haha imma try it and post the response here...
  4. Hi, i like many upgraded to the official rom but turns out it had a swedish csc, and would like to revert back to the singaporean csc since my phones keyboard is kinda really messed up. i have tried to find it but had no luck so if u know of a place where i can get it or if u have it pls share thanks. if not could u pls let me know of another solution i could use to fix my phones keyboard?
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