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  1. I wonder if there's any way to get the sqlite patch (jellybean version) seperately? Tried downloading the pre-bake and extracting the libsqlite.so and libsqlite_jni.so files but they are exactly the same as unpatched versions? Also can't find the option in the kitchen...
  2. Great :D That'll mean no optimizations then though right? Hopefully asus will release the source soon!
  3. Stock kernel and Wifi module. Crackling from the speakers, no sound in music (do get sound when headphones are connected)... Did a wipe before. Kernel version listed as:
  4. Youtube HQ now plays very well... Wasn't able to properly play it on 3.0. Also seems to be an overlay on hdmi out or something. When playing a video in the youtube app it plays the video fullscreen while in the app it's not fullscreen (you don't actually see the video in the app btw, it's black... but it IS playing on the tv). Don't think it worked like that on 3.0...
  5. Because you have to sell those two in order to be able to afford one? Other then that, really... come on... it's all up to you. Completely depends on usage and expectations.
  6. Very nice rom indeed, but just wondering about returning to stock (and moving on from there again :P ). I have a UK transformer, originally with WW code I understand but after flashing this rom it's US. Now I read in this thread (post 164 and 165) that it would be possible to use the official asus WW rom to revert back to the WW stock rom? While on the ASUS site it mentions you can only flash a matching product code (US->US and WW->WW). Which one is correct? Can I simply apply the Asus update instructions (put the asus folder from the rom .zip file on the root of sd card, etc) in combination with the WW rom to get the WW product code and stock rom back? Cheers...
  7. Can I use this if I have no nandroid backup? I want to flash back to stock but now have an ext4 rom, can I flash this and then perform this? http://android.modaco.com/content/lg-optim...062-15-03-2011/ Or would the latter be enough already...
  8. Not sure... I think most custom roms (like modaco custom roms) are ext4?
  9. Does this also convert filesystem back to ext3? Or do I have to do that first using the BackToExt3 update in cwm...
  10. After having the vega for a few months now I'd still recommend it. Especially with the Corvus5 rom it's very good and snappy. But, if you have more money to spend I'd suggest upgrading to transformer, acer iconia or new galaxy tab 10.1... Reason is mainly the screen, especially with honeycomb I notice it just doesn't quite cut it. Things are more blurry by default (perhaps it will be improved though) and sensitivity is less optimal. Viewing angles are crap, but as a single user that's not SO important, resolution IS a big plus though and with the 1280x800 res on the newer android tablets you really have an advantage. Added to that is the 1GB ram instead of 512 now and I'd gladly spend some more for a better tablet. For the money there is nothing better imo, and knowing what you get it delivers all of that and more... But the newer tablets simply are better, but more expensive so it all boils down to the amount of money you can and are willing to spend.
  11. I own a 2x for about 2 or 3 months now and generally have no problems with it. No issues with lockups, lags or whatever so I'm not complaining about the 2x. I mainly bought it for transition time while I was waiting on the Galaxy S2. This morning I picked up a S2 though and I must say it simply feels nicer. Reason for going to the S2 was more ram, better camera, better screen (and a mistake of mine, somehow thinking the 2 cores could run asynchronous). First impressions are good but haven't been able to tinker with it extensively because I'm at work now so no root yet, etc. The screen is gorgeous to look at though, it feels smooth and fast and just made my first call which also sounded great. First impressions are great and if you can spare the money I'd suggest the SGS2. This doesn't mean the 2x is a bad phone, far from it, the SGS2 is just better and I'm already glad I made the change.
  12. Sounds interesting, and do keep me posted please! As mentioned I am planning on buying another tablet anyway, so this wouldn't be only for me. But if I still have the vega by the time you have managed to get the kernel workign I wouldn't mind giving it another try!
  13. Haha, well... unfortunately I didn't get it working... I just didn't get any display (and appearantly the original screen is also glued very solidly or something making it a real b*tch to get out). Also, planning on buying a new tablet anyway so not really that motivated to try and get it working :unsure:
  14. Haha, thanks newbe5... It's amazing what you guys have already achieved... Take some time and well deserved rest because we all know users always find more things they want and wish for. At the moment it's quite usable as a day to day rom, still went back to corvus5 though because of speed and stability. If I was the only one using it I'd might stick to vegacomb but as my girlfriend also used it (and she is less techy and just wants things to work) vegacomb is just not quite good enough yet. Still, massive props for the work delivered so far!
  15. No updates from my side, do you have a link to the thread on xda?
  16. If it's the same as with cpus in personal computers I'd say it totally depends on each specific case. 1.5ghz is already an extreme achievement and I wouldn't want it to run at that speed all the time...
  17. Hmmm, good point... I had the same issue (apps not restoring like setcpu, quadrant) and I just had 10mb of appspace free. Perhaps it has to keep a part free...
  18. Saw this on tabletroms.com: http://tabletroms.com/forums/showwiki.php?..._we_know_so_far Is this also the source of the accounts issue on our vega? To be honest I have no clue on java programming on android so can't comment on this (and I assume the developers know a whole lot more about this then I do) but perhaps someone else can shed a light.
  19. For alpha1 the acer iconia a500 root method described here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1055354 Worked fine for me (had to push the apk to system/app in order to be able to run it... and mount system to rw in order to be able to push)
  20. That shouldn't be necessary, but at least you'll see what's going on...
  21. Just use this tool: https://sites.google.com/site/zebdroiddev/a...ustplugin250411 Worked perfectly for me :unsure: Including all widgets etc on the homescreen...
  22. http://tabletroms.com/forums/showthread.ph...wbe5-and-Corvus And it's out... seems like everything is working now. Can't wait to try it out this evening :)
  23. Haha, and of course I'm glad to hear that :unsure: Amazing work guys... truely amazing
  24. Or catching some well deserved sleep :unsure:
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