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  1. I have the same problem and I'm far away from UK :D (gmail vs googlemail) I cleaned the data from ALL the Google services I find but no change... Anybody knows how we can stop "labs"? Just under "Settings" doesn't helps...
  2. I'd installed it today in my JP7 2.2 FROYO... Less than double my Quadrants Adv. to 1532....
  3. I had a factory 2.1 SGS and flashed to JP7 2.2, all finished as per instructions, after rebooting the phone come to the screen with the "S" for awhile and then start making small vibrations and stay black... I wipe it and rebooted but the same, I'd re-inserted the SIM with no difference... Do I have to RE-FLASH or what else??? Please help me... Thanks in advance The first flash was with ODIN3 v1.3, I did it again with v1.0 with the same results... When flashing in the first BOX in ODIN3 says "FACTORYFS" is this ok? PLEEEEEEEAAAAASSSSEEEEE People!!!!! ANYBODY???? IT'S ALL OVER, NOT TO WORRY I RE-FLASHED WITH JP3 AND ALL OK NOW...
  4. With which ROM you had "Folder View" in "Touch Player"? as I'm NOT using the touch player for this reason, not having folder view and I've used many ROMs...
  5. Please read the 1st post.. As I said it's for THE TEXT ONLY! ONLY THE WORD "START".... I didn't mentioned nowhere it removed the actual menu command...
  6. I'm Aussie but as far I've read the Fascinate is the VERISON's version of SGS as the AT&T's Captivate...
  7. 6.5.x DOESN'T have "Start" touch menu on the top left mate and I HAVEN'T see any 6.5.x ROM with text in the left bottom "Window" touch button... What you actually asking? :)
  8. THAT'S what happening to us when we waiting for Samsung... :D We can recall JJ Cale :lol: "Cocaine" for example :D
  9. Unfortunately no my friend, only if you have Outlook backup...
  10. I've tried the last year ALL the ROM our chefs have provide us (WM6.5 I don't like 6.5.x, I did tried few)... I've make probably all the combination with the .bin and .SCS and few Eboot... On the end I go with the chef's recommendation :) ... I've use 3 GPS the Google Map the Garmin and the iGO8... ALL the times the ROM make the smallest contribution in my GPS reception... Plus no noticeable difference with the 4th or 7th port... I used to use 4/9600 but tried the 7 also... ALL the times the Google Maps is the worst with second the Garmin and ALWAYS best the iGo8 for (cold?) start and all of them very fast in a GPS restart (that's the HOT?) Sometimes Garmin falling in third place... :) My two cents... :) Sorry I just remembered only one old "Rapid's" ROM I had problem with but I had few with this ROM anyway like the SMS/MMS...
  11. Hi try this http://www.modaco.com/content/i8000-omnia-...-win7-32-64bit/ or this: http://www.modaco.com/content/i8000-omnia-...g-rom-on-i8000/ If you can't follow those then better DO NOT try to flash your phone...
  12. WHERE did you saw this "Outlook Mobile 2010"? No reference of it in Google or anywhere else....
  13. READ and read more then READ AGAIN.... You asking something wrong, and that's because what I like you may NOT... It's sometimes shoot miss and try again till you find the one ROM you like the most... BUT FIRST read about HOW to flash and then tries some ROMs... Good luck mate
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