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  1. A lot of times "Stuck on boot screen" is because no relocation has been done ( my own experience, not using wes58 tools). maybe you could check extreloc since it seems to be part of the package? I'd like to thank wes58 for creating a nice kitchen although I haven't used it.. :) It would've made my cooking much easier last time if i had it....
  2. Just like to mentioned that I've had success even with not filling up the xip.bin to original size.
  3. use initflashfiles for shortcuts... it's easier that way..
  4. since someone requested this: Samsung Large Indicator Soft reset after installing. Works on my own custom ROM. Should work for other custom roms too. Usual Disclaimers apply. I am not responsible for any dataloss, hardware destruction, etc. Please backup ur data first. Edit: files are from IL5
  5. Try changing the region to Japan. Seems to work for mine. In US mode it seems to force ST = 0. Us mode also seems to jump by 0.2 mhz. Report your findings and let others know if this "fix" works.
  6. Yes i know it's an OS thing. I'm specifically asking if any body knows how to modify sec dialer to work. As far as I know e0natives doesn't work for the dialer.
  7. Does anyone know how to fix the dialer? I think it has something to do with SecDialerRes.dll, but replacing this file form Sonblack's rom onto my own personal rom causes the dialer to not function at all.. Can anyone help here...? Yes I've also tried deleting the respective mui files already..
  8. I believe u need to overwrite it with totcal commander or something. Anyway sms-chat.exe doesn't seem to work when run from windows directory.
  9. I think we should all respect his choice instead of dissing him, even though I honestly don't think putting 5mb ram on samsung mainmenu just to make it faster is any worth it. But if you can't find the solution you want, maybe u could try some of those honey comb hacks that makes the startmenu display in a vertical list, or use something like iphonetoday (heaven forbid..)
  10. I guess u can see that there will be some people who likes this and some not.. and even those that likes it may prefer some other skin/theme. Hard to please eveyone if you include some skin o_o
  11. MAke your own program (exe) that runs the program u want. save that as jinbox.exe in windows. that's how i did for mine. of coz, this require some programming. maybe somone has a better solution, but I don't know. works for most of us. U're probably using a different language or a lite rom with some required file misisng...
  12. Thanks for confirming, Smille123. Looks like it's a samsung bug and not a bug with my cab.. I guess only samsung can fix this.. hopefully next rom release will have the bugs fixed..
  13. can anyone check if the landscape thing and RSS reader bugs happen in an official rom with the official samsungtoday CSC?
  14. honestly i think samsung's comm manager is useless compared to the previours one. at least previously which access point in wifi is shown. samsung gives less information >_> Just stating my dislike for samsung wireless manager, not that i'm complaining or anything :) Thanks for the rom, RFD!
  15. Even in the official b7610, there is no official way to change the background. TodayContainerRC.dll contains the background image. You can use some sort of resource editor to edit the images if you want. Try looking around for more detailed help...
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