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  1. So finally I jumped to Samsung Galaxy S II. Tired from waiting for some working release of Android for our phone. Good luck to all the users and devs. They convinced me totally to use Android.
  2. That's why I started the sentence with "Seems like" :) Anyway, the progress of the development isn't very clear for everybody and we have to guess what happens. Which leads to those "shots in the dark". So please excuse me and if possible explain what this means ... I see you're the only one who's trying to communicate here with us.
  3. Seems like the mute caused by the LCD turn off is finally fixed. One must-install software less (Call light or Keepscreen). So more RAM available. IMO the beta2 with the slmz updates was enough stable for me but the lack of memory was causing problems with the widgets on the Home screen and general slow down of all the system to the point that I wasn't able to pick up the calling phone.
  4. No, I don't use data 3G. But I'm sure the phone is paired with 3G cells if that matters.
  5. So after my new installation I want to share my experience. My installation has been done on My Storage with 1GB ext4 partition, beta2 with the slmz update pack (thanks again). Until this point everything was working fluently and as expected (sensors, battery live, etc.) After I installed the MUST have programs like KeepScreen, Launcher Pro, Home Switcher (and of course the Market update). I didn't notice the advantages of the Mylock Guard so I removed it. After I installed the Fancy Widget, Elixir, Smartkeyboard Pro, Android Task Killer and some other programs. In Android Task Killer I put to ignore all my programs that I use on daily basis or I need (like KeepScreen, the widgets, the alarm program). And after a day I'm with a 25 MB of free memory which is very close to the minimum used by Android before to start kill (or suspend) programs. Because of this I had many slow-downs and restarts of the widgets and Launcher Pro itself. The usage of browser or messenger was leading to reload the home screen ... So my conclusion is that we desperately need a solution for gentle memory optimization (not the rude Android Task Killer). If you have some experience, pls share it ! From the disadvantages of my setup I can mention: - SoD after a day and a half of usage (I didn't use any programs to control the CPU speed so expected flaw) - the lack of memory after a day (started with 70 MB free and finished with 25-30 with no programs running except in the Ignore list of Android Task Killer) - the need of 2-3 times pressing hang-up button to unlock - sometime the WiFi isn't connecting The advantages: - the battery live is very good in standby (8:30 hours in standby and 10% of battery gone) - no need of playing with 2G and Airplane mode for better battery live - the compass isn't sticking any more - the GPS even being less sensitive from WinMo is fixing signal - very rare SoD - good result in Quadrant ~290 despite the 2D/3D Rapid's drivers giving below average results (in fact I see no big difference in the programs)
  6. Waiting with impatience the theme :D I prefer green or orange (as by default)... I hope too that you will add the percentage number of the battery (it seems to be easily taken from other skin)
  7. For me the random freezes (not SoD) went away with the Rapid's 2D/3D drivers (those without hardware OpenGL ES).
  8. Really, I don't know what is the diff but everything is working even with the first file. The Android is really snappy (ext4 on My storage), WiFi is working every time (connecting and running), the battery life is very acceptable, the sensors are there (compass is working for long, orientation is OK). The 2D/3D drivers are crappy but stable. I don't use anything to manage the frequency (no SetCPU, no kgp700 script) and the two press on Hang-up button is enough to wake it up. Everything is working as expected !
  9. Thanks a lot for this package (I tried the first one). It's working like a charm. Any problems faced yet (even the init.rc file is with the right /storage mount point). Finally I felt the beta2 + all updates power :D
  10. I haven't used your file but the original framework-res.apk and replaced some files inside. Obviously the packing is not so easy :D Anyway I reinstalled.
  11. This is done on purpose. When your time is adjusted to the network one, you don't need to adjust it again neither to change the time zone. Unfortunately my mobile operator doesn't provide such kind of service. So I put the value back to 0.
  12. Is that needed ? kgp700 is trying to share his tweaks and you want to pollute immediately this topic ?! Anyway thanks to kgp700. And I want to ask whether is not better to put the minimum frequency to 133 MHz instead of 400 MHz and the sleep one to 133 MHz as well. Perhaps it will help to the battery drain issue ?
  13. I played a little with the framework-res.apk and changed the color and the pictures from the status bar but it didn't work as expected. Now even with the old stable version of the two files framework-res and services, the Android is not booting up correctly and all the services are failing. Is there a way to correct this or to install over again :D ?
  14. The original version that I mostly use is on My storage and I just tested the kgp700's version on the partition I've made on the SD card because I didn't want to delete all my data on My storage install :( I just switch them with the default.txt changes.
  15. Then I have no clue why this happens ... @kgp700: I tried your version connected with the GSM zImage posted on 9th of March on a ext4 but on my SD card. It was terribly slow, perhaps because the SD card.... But still I like the customizations :( And I saw that the vibration was not working.
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