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  1. But cloud doesn't apply for music when listening using earphones. Perhaps include DSP or SRS ?
  2. Trip : possible to include the beats mod from sense? Music sounds abit plain without it. Or include eq apps ?
  3. Volume on headphones is very soft. Anyway to port like srs or dolby to this rom? Or make volume on headphones louder?
  4. Is taps and xloud enabled on the updated rom? Volume seems to be lower than the one on the miui rom.
  5. Wow. Thanks Paul. Will you be doing an MCR for the Sensation? S-OFF is out and hope to have a MCR on it.
  6. Seems like most of the chefs who were involved in helping to cook ROMs for the i8000 in the starting have left. They include RFD, KC and I will be leaving too (: Bye all. Off to the fruit phone family
  7. Hi sinan, do you mind making a lite ROM ? With some programs left in ? Thanks
  8. I have a cab for HTC Youtube App and it only works when you are running a ROM with built in Sense. I think it needs the htc framework etc. However, i still prefer the google youtube app. It allows you to view your subscriptions.
  9. Phone booted finish just plug out (: Ensure that phone boot finish
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