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    ZTE X850 Brasil w/ MTC 916 2.2
  1. 5 months after i'm back here to say that my problem still and i continue not understanding it. In my last test i've connected my cellphone to PC and run ADB logcat to try to see anything strange in the moments before the cellphone reboot while using a 3D App, but nothing changes :( Nobody has the same problem? Or can help me? Thanks
  2. i Don´t know if anyone had allready reported it. I'm using the #244 rom .if my cellphone is charging turned off and i want to turn it on i have first to remove the charger cable from it, or else it not boot android, it stays on green android screen. One thing that i'm missing is the haptic feedback, there is no way to enable it? Thanks for this almost perfect rom ;) I Think this is the best rom for Racer in the forum.
  3. My phone is reseting before a time using gallery or any app that uses gpu. I've already sent it to support, but they sad it's all ok ;) and returned the device Can anyone help me??
  4. I'm using this great rom for some days and now i can post my list of BUGS: 1- Is not possible to change music volume with the screen off 2- The illumination of the red and green buttons(they are really red and green? In my cellphone no :S) 3- Once i have recorded a video in custom preset with 640x480 res (it was a good impove) and just after it i clicked at gallery shortcut (in camera app), gallery showed a message of corrupted file and when i returned to camera it was like a unsintonized (this word exists?) TV. I had to delete the recorded file to be able to open Camcorder app again. 4- If you are listening music with earphones and somebody calls you the music won't stop and the ringtone will not play. 5- The 24h clock is like: 00H00, it should be 00:00 6- Google Goggles isn't working I wish i now how to program android, but i don't now Thanks
  5. Please, can anybody post the rom download link for me??? the post link is broken Thanks
  6. Download link is broken. And one doubt, have i to flash the update.zip after flashing the Android 2.2.zip???
  7. What are the principal advantages of using this Mod??Does it needs a boot loader??
  8. I asked by email ZTE about the official upgrade of ZTE RACER and they answered it: But i don't undestand, why not to upgrade if hardware support??
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