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  1. Hi All, I have a T-mobile vario II running std windows mobile 5, I have setup push email on it and have noticed that it has a habbit of deleting my mails in my inbox periodically :) which i find bizarre. I have checked the activesync settings all are ok and there is nothing to state in the phone to actually delete anything periodically, I have checked the account setting and again nothing in there to specify to delete my mails on a regular basis. Has anyone else come across this? and does anyone know why its happeneing? also is there is a resolution to the problem coz its doing my head in now, been suffering with it for a while and have found no solution as yet. Thanks to all who reply in advance. Regards Roger.
  2. Hi ALL, This has been driving me nuts, but I have since found this link: http://www.pocketpcfaq.com/raj/Unread.html The tutorial goes through as if its a activesync 1 mail unread problem but after reading the tutorial it doe's look like you can apply this to the messages database in the same way ! so I will give this a go and post on the result. Please note: to do this you will also need to download the VBview freeware application from the site link to complete the tutorial. If anyone tries this, then please post your results and lets see if this cures the issue as it would be good to note results on this thread for others Regards EQ!! :)
  3. Where do i find the homescreen .XML file?? I have checked all the folders and there is no messages showing ??
  4. Hi ALL, I have found another issue recently which is very odd? On my wizard the today screen has started showing that I have one unread text message and when i open the messages folder its clear i.e there are none because i have deleted everything in there yet the today screen still states that i have one text message unread? I have soft reset the device but this still shows one message as being unread? The strange thing thats related is when I get more texts the counter on the homescreen increases like it should and if I read then delete all my texts it reverts back to saying I have one text message unread? I have wondered if the device remembers previous texts and still thinks they are there until it clears its backup or cache?? clutching at staws here and would love advice or if anyone else know's what causing it?? It is really odd? and personally I think its obviously a WM5/2003 issue so any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks to all in advance. EQ!!
  5. equ1nox

    Today screen plugins

    Guys if you have windows mobile 5 or 2003 go here this is the best app i found that worthy of purchase its invaluble: http://www.microsoft.com/windowsmobile/dow...nd/default.mspx This is tops simply put you dont even need a plugin to create shortcuts this baby opens everything via voice enjoy !! Regards EQ !!
  6. Cool, I got it working now I had to do the above and also re-install the orange uk contract cab file to re-setup my server settings, this got the folders back. One thing i did notice is that there is an option to only download when connected through home network so make sure you all uncheck this option or you will never get mms working!! its under the MMS config when you edit orange MMS. Tested a picture message to myself and all is now working fine which is great as its a clean device too no O2 rubbish can be seen beside the case and at present there is nothing i can do about that lol. Regards EQ !! :D ;)
  7. Hi ALL, I have removed the O2 crap totally and have a clean device now and i have also tried to insall the cab file to restore my MMS plus i have setup all the orange settings however I am missing the MMS folders i.e i dont have an inbox, outbox, sent items, drafts or deleted items?? anyone know how to re-install the folder structure because all i have now is text and outlook folders with no mms structure. When I try to add an account i can only add an email account so this must be a cab file issue anyne got any ideas? or what i need to install to get the structure back without doing a factory reset? Is there also a way to get some of the O2 program cab file files to install i.e some of the stuff seperately instead of doing a cold reset and allowing the device to reinstall everything? Regards EQ !!
  8. equ1nox

    O2 Wizard with Orange sim no MMS

    DeanJ, Your a star installed the cab and then played with the connection settings, the phone was trying to use the myISP connection changed this to Orangemms and bingo sending and recieving aw yes !! Thanks again dude. EQ!!
  9. equ1nox

    O2 Wizard with Orange sim no MMS

    Hi DeanJ Cool will give it a go tonight and let you know thanks for getting back to me. Will post results later on EQ!
  10. equ1nox

    O2 Wizard with Orange sim no MMS

    Hi Deanj, What do i use to install the cab files? do i extract the files within then copy and paste or leave the cab file intact and copy and paste this if so where exactly do i put these? i.e in which directory on the phone should they be placed??
  11. Hello All, I have had my new wizard for a couple of weeks now running with an orange sim and calls are fine texting is fine but i have tried everything to get MMS working so I can send and recieve pictures. I recently visited the orange website and used the M500 settings to no avail, configured GPRS, and still no go! Finally called orange they went through my settings and updated the sim as i specified the M500 to be the closest match but still I cant get it to send and recieve pictures?? Basically when i try to send an MMS on it, the phone says its connected then comes back with sending media message all looks ok, but then the picture message just sits in the outbox then moves to the drafts folder and then it tries to send it again and again in a vicious loop can anyone confirm the correct settings here for GPRS and MMS or post any software update my phone needs to work MMS?? Also is orange GPRS Chap or PAP? ive tried both or is the phone itself requiring something software wise from orange to work any help is greatly appreciated asap. Regards EQ!
  12. Hi All, Anyone got the new C550 yet? I have and have found a first bug in my eyes, what happens is when I am listening to windows media player and a text is sent to me when it arrives the sound is turned down to a minimum, the only way I have cured this is to manually switch the phone off and back on again this then restores the volume and then it can be adjusted back up to the required listening level, anyone else suffered from this? and if so do you have a fix other than switching the phone on and off again as its a real pain, please post in this thread. Also anyone else found any other bug again if so please post in this thread as it would be a good idea to list them all in here for all to see and view. Thanks in advance, EQ!
  13. Hi All, Is there an application or script that you can run on the smartphone to cycle your homescreen wallpaper so you can have a different wallpaper each day :?: without having to manually going through the menu and change it :?: or is there anyone on here who could write such an app or script? Just a suggestion. Thanks to all who reply in advance. EQ :lol:
  14. equ1nox

    Update Annoyances

    You is the man disco stu !! I had this set to none which obviously means user input I set this to none as i thought it would dissapear have now reset this back to 5 sec as there is no smaller setting should be ok now. Many thanks, :roll: EQ!
  15. equ1nox

    Update Annoyances

    Nice 1, cheers disco stu, just need to sort the message screen out thats odd as I have to click ok for it to dissapear, I want to be able to send a text then go direct to home screen and lock the device but each time i do the sent message appears and stays there ? any ideas how to stop it from appearing? :idea: EQ

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