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  1. Hi, I was wondering what software you used to extract the ROM.ZIP file from the exe file, I have tried a few apps with no luck at all. Thanks in advance.
  2. Follow this guide and you'll be fine http://android.modaco.com/content/htc-hero...rtition-sdcard/ Hope that helps!
  3. Yeah, same here, got my Hero about 2 weeks ago and my car kit arrived this week, give em a buzz or email their customer service dept.
  4. The keyboard problem really niggles me too, its just too inconsistent. Whats worse is that even though I know about it I still end up putting say 2 spaces in or sending the text message without checking it first, seeing that words after full stops dont have a capital in them really bugs me. Quick Question, I have been using the 2gb SD card that shipped with my Hero, I have now bought an 8gb card. Can I copy the contents of the old card directly onto the new one and not have to bother re-downloading and installing all my apps again? Thanks in advance!
  5. Also gone back to 2.2 just this minute, will give my feed back on it later, hoping for a smoother experience too!
  6. Hi, I find twidgit lite to be a great little replacement until peep is working again, the widget doesn't take up much space on your home screen either, and it makes a tweet sound when you have new tweets.....
  7. Hi im a newbie here, I am also having the Peep problem, clearing the cache works until you need to do a refresh again, then it plays up again. Any ideas? I am on Vodafone with unrooted Hero. TIA
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