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  1. How to setup DUN connection (3g) with macbook All credit should go to David Ciccone, I'm just spreading his findings. Thanks David! http://mobilitytoday.com/news/007194/black..._mac_connection I have received over 20 requests for this when I posted a blurb on my blog about how I tethered my Macintosh to my Cingular Blackjack.. After a few days of tinkering around I came up with this solution.. Download the Blackberry 3G Driver Load the driver on the Macintosh. Goto Start>Settings>Connections>USB on the Blackjack and change it to ModemConnect your Blackjack to your Macintosh via USB Cable Goto your Macintosh and select Apple>System Preferences>NetworkIt should automatically show a new connection called "SAMSUNG CDMA TECHNOLOGIES"Select that connection goto TCP/IP tab and select ppp tab and enter [email protected] <--USERNAMECINGULAR1 <---PASSWORDWAP.CINGULAR <--- TELEPHONE NUMBER[*]In your PPP options select Send PPP echo packets and uncheck: Use TCP header compression.[*]Goto Modem Tab and select your Blackberry CID1 OR CID3[*]Uncheck redial if busy Lock your connection and you will see a phone on the right hand side of your mac. Select the pull down menu and select connect!!!! That's it!
  2. VPN Problems :SOLVED: Siemens SX66 htc blue angle PPC Cingular VPN Problems Ok so I've had this phone for about a year now, Added on the media works 19.99 unlimited plan from Cingular wireless (San Diego, CA USA) area (btw pda 39.99 is a crock of shh.. its the same thing.. TRUST ME IVE TESTED). And since getting it about a year ago now, I have NOT been able to get connected to my company's VPN server (I work in the IT dept. for a much larger Corp.). They you Cisco VPN Hardware.. So here was my delema: I could not for the life of me get vpn to work over the cingular network. (good for connected to exchange server, ssh clients, active directory yada yada,...) I racked my brains for a while blaming it on my works VPN config, then Cingulars GPRS.. Turns out I was wrong on both ends.. Though PPTP VPN connections wouldnt work on my corp. vpn.. IPSEC VPN client would (available at apani.com ). This was my setup: Phone: Siemens SX66 (cingular) Wireless Company: Cingular APN: WAP.CINGULAR plan: Unlimited 19.99 media works VPN HARDWARE: Cisco VPN Hardware Software: Apani vpn client for PPC, -OR- Wireless modem Connection via Laptop running WinXP SP2 / USB dongle / Cisco systems VPN Client Version 4.0.3(f) / bluetooth also tested and works. Reason it wouldnt work! CINGULAR uses 10.x network and so does my Corp. Offices.. turns out it was just a routing issue.. Solution? here goes.. For Laptop/sx66 combo: Run CMD (dos prompt) then set a static route.. IT WORKED FOR ME! C:> Route ADD A.B.C.D MASK 255.x.x.x E.F.G.H Metric 40 A.B.C.D << Destination network or host (like your work network ie. or something like that) E.F.G.H << Gateway of the VPN Connection For SX66 or HTC Blue Angle Solution: Unknown as of now im doing a bit of research on how to set static routes on PPC devices.. Reply With Quote
  3. OK this is my question.. I have HTC BLUE ANGLE AKA (Siemens SX66 in USDM) I am connecting to the interenet via Cingular wireless with apn of wap.cingular... here is my delema, I CANNOT VPN TO WORK! no matter what i try it wont let me, I CAN however vpn home (standard windows vpn server).. I can access everything else while connected via bluetooth thru my laptop, but no VPN to work. Does anyone know what i can do to fix this?I believe my work uses Cisco VPN hardware, If anyone has any bright ideas how i may be able to connect to this vpn it would greatly be appreciated.. My thoughts: I could VNC into a box I have on the internet, then VPN from that box... Flawed because i would need 2 networks to do so.. Does anyone know how to set up static routes? I do know their are other APN's Cingular wireless offers such as WAP.CINGULAR, ISP.CINGULAR & ISPDA.CINGULAR which all require auth. on their end.. ive tried wap.cingular w/no luck as far as my work VPN goes.. I tried calling Cingular and my Corp. IT person.. none of which were any help.. so now im looking for my own answer.
  4. Make sure you dont have ACCESS lists enabled.. one might be blocking your ppc out while letting everything else function fine.. it would be a setting in your router..
  5. You were able to make a PPP connection over a bluetooth modem connection w/a v600?? I unfortunatly left the realm of mpx220 and got myself the Siemens SX66 needed the 400mhz 128mb Ram... need it for work. but will try to help as much as I can.
  6. http://communications.siemens.com/cds/fron...3A76051,00.html That link should get you to the Siemens Download page for the firmware update. Please follow directions EXACTLY.. dont be a bone head and turn ur sx66 into a door stop.. ::Warning Modaco nor I are responsible for your mistakes, try at your own risk! :: (claims to fix bluetooth issues and some other bugs.. updates to Version 4.21.1088 (build 15005.1.2.1) If you have any issues.. post them
  7. I've gotten the Siemens sx66 phone to work as a modem already and gotten internet fine.. it SAYS connects at 240k , but xfers only about 38k, how do i set it up to use cingular CSD connection??
  8. Yea Camera ALOT better.. it was soo *#(# on the older fw.. speaker.. iono havent tried it yet..
  9. So far I only have 1 or 2 good sites.. the best one ive seen is this www.airfagev.com lots of cool skins .. if anyone else has some please dont be shy.. it would help us all out. -:] cheers
  10. I have had both .325 version of the MPx220 and the new 1.30 and both are unlocked to T-mobile Att and Cing. as i have all 3 sims and they read just fine.. btw i purchased the phone directly through cingular direct. and yes ATT is already part of cingular.
  11. Well depends on the kind of plan you have. I paid extra 24$ a month for unlimited internet with Cingular (SD California) so i dont have to worry about charges, if your plan charges by the kb then prepare to pay hefty as this is no dinky WAP browser you'll use up 1MB quickly.. if your provider charges air time min. such as t-mobile, then keep track of time online.. Most importantly check with your service provider before you attempt this.. so you will not get pi$$ed off when the bill arrives.. oh btw dont get mad at me if you went over your limit it is ENTIRELY UP TO YOU IF YOU WANT TO TRY THIS. I , MODACO, OR ANYONE AFFILIATED W/MODACO ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR CHARGES YOU MAY INCURR WHILE ATTEMPTING THIS. that being said.. good luck!! -:]
  12. OMG FINALLY!!!! IT WORKED!!! wow FINALLY i was on a binge for like 2 days figuring this out.. heres what I did Installed Motorola USB driver (*supplied on cd, or website here HERE ) created a Dial up connection through windows (XP sp2) phone number = *99# username: [email protected] password: CINGULAR1 Next go to Control Panel> Phone and Modems> click on Motorola USB ... > Properties > Advanced tab > type +CGDCONT=1,"IP","apn_name" (*Replacing apn_name with your APN like WAP.CINGULAR <<NOTICE THE UPPERCASE!) DONE try to connect.. worked for me! (mpx220 cingular CA w/laptop XP sp2) ############ GPRS Settings for your Phones ########### You dont need to set any of this if your GPRS already works on your phone. This is only reference for those who forget settings or have phones setup w/different carriers than provider currently on phone. Cingular GPRS Setup on MPx220 ---------------------- GPRS settings: Hit WebAccess Hit Web Sessions Hit Menu and New Change as follows: Name: Cingular GPRS Homepage: http://device.home Service Type 1: WAP (capital letters) Gateway IP 1: Port 1: 9201 Domain 1: Blank Service Type 2: WAP (capital letters) Gateway IP 2: all zeros Port 2: 9201 Domain 2: Blank DNS 1: All zeros DNS 2: All zeros Timeout: 15 minutes CSD No 1: 14152441012 Username: [email protected] (must be in all caps) Password: CINGULAR1 (again all caps) Speed (BPS): 9600 Line type 1: ISDN Csd no 2: Blank Username 2: Blank Password 2: Blank Speed (Bps): 9600 Line type2: ISDN Gprs apn: wap.cingular (all lower case) username: [email protected] (all upper case) Password: CINGULAR1 (all caps) Click in DONE After this, you will be able to see the name "Cingular GPRS" listed on Web Session. Highlight that name and click on the middle button. Select "Set Default" and press select. MMS Settings: Hit Menu Select Messages Hit Menu (middle button) on Create Message Select Message Setup Hit Change on MMS Message Setup Select Server Info Hit Menu (middle button) on a selected profile Select New Change as follows: Service Name: Cingular MMS Server Name: http://mmsc.cingular.com Web Session Name: Cingular GPRS (Hit change, choose and select "Cingular GPRS") Click in Done ATT Wireless ------------------------------- ATTWS I found this on another board: Step 2: WAP/GPRS Settings 2: Set Homepage URL to http://home 3: Set Security to Non-Secure 4: Set Bearer to GPRS 5: Set IP Address to 6/7: Make sure username and password are blank 8: Set APN to 'proxy' without the ' marks Step 3: MMS Settings 2: Set Connection URL to http://mmsc.mobile.attwireless.net/ 3: Set Security to Non-Secure 4: Set IP Address to 5/6: Make sure username and password are blank 7: Set APN to Proxy (note capital P)
  13. why not backup your files on your puter then exchange it.. why do you need both mpx220's?
  14. Sorry i was freaking out over nothing.. the SKIN i was installing was the wrong skin.. i just downloaded the IPSM VERSION and worked great, everything else i installed worked great as well. btw i posted a help forum on how to connect your laptop to the internet via mpx220 gprs.. http://smartphone.modaco.com/viewtopic.php...8792&highlight=
  15. 1.70? can you post a screen shot or type out exactly what build it is on the "about" page.. i just got my 1.30 replacing the crappy .325 which had HORRIBLE camera problems.. but im very happy w/the 1.30 for the time being.. i just called cingular and had them mail it to me.. many improvements on this .. SPECIALLY the camera.. wow what a difference. .325 had huge problem taking 1.2MP pix while BT was running. fixd w/the new FW.
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