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  1. i have another issue :) when i try to make a new appointment, and change the time of it, it wont work. i have to make an appointment in the original outlook mobile.
  2. try to install this cab file, before you do this, uninstall the original flashlite cab and uninstall opera 10. after the installation reinstall opera 10. good luck Juggalo_X_Official_Flash_Lite_3.1_CE_OS_20757.cab
  3. any news on porting this to a less buggy cab? really interesting <_<
  4. ah nice, a new custum rom. looks very nice! thank you! but why didn't you remove the skinned sms application of samsung? its very crap actually :(
  5. which CSC is the best for this ROM? and where can i download it? i have a dutch device. thanx for the info, appreciate it :(
  6. does someone have issues with sending a sms? i get an error that the phone isn't on and i should turn it on in comm manager :S
  7. thanx for this ronald ;) i will have a look at it. im a complete fool with cooking so, it can take a while when i complete a rom :D
  8. this version of touchflo 3d 2.0 is working very well on my B7610 ;) thank you all guys! there is one issue. when i slide out my qwerty keyboard, the screen goes a part of it, like a quarter of the screen. i cant see the rest of manila. touchscreen is working good. It seems like a qvqa screen and the rest is cut off. (sry for my bad english) can someone help me?
  9. i will use the tab to quickly fill inn forms (jump around). for example to add an appointment. thanx for your work :)
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