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  1. Hi, is this a wipe or no-wipe ROM ? Or better, is there any way to know it directly from rom content or from samfirmware ?
  2. Hi, Did you use "whiskeybro Manila 1.3 + Mods all in on Cab" or the original "TouchFlo3D chainfire + ginkage package"? Does it fix the clock issue from "whiskeybro Manila 1.3 ++ Mods all in on Cab" when using ROM > JA5? Regards, Zurg95
  3. Hi whiskeybro, Thanks for your work, really great :)
  4. Blackberry 8900 car charger is charging Omnia II correctly. You just have to slim a bit the micro usb connector to perfectly fit the omnia micro usb plug.
  5. Hello the french guys, I'm using the same SFR rom as you. The image not displayed in HTML email is a know problem (samsung skinned map), see http://www.modaco.com/content/i8000-omnia-...d-programs-faq/ I've done 1) only to get image in HTML email and to keep MMS working I hope this helps.
  6. Yes, it is working also when installed on 'my storage'.
  7. Hola, estoy frances y entiendo un poco espanol... but back to english for the other members :D You should be cleared from any GPS power drain with 'close input when idle' and 'close input on power off' both ticked on GPSGATE advanced features on the input tab. Once you are ok with other gpsgate settings, you can go to the advanced tab and tick 'Start GpsGate after a soft reset' on options. Doing that, gpsgate wil start automatically and TomTom will be always ready to use.
  8. I'm afraid the 'close input on idle' is an improvement of version 2.6 and can be found nearby the 'close input on power off' on input tab, advanced options. On the input tab, you should first close the input port to be able to access the advanced tick boxes.
  9. The Tomtom screen update speed is depending of the number of POI you want to display. Displaying less POI will make screen update faster. Omnia II Tomtom screen update is much more faster than with Omnia I with the same number of POI to display.
  10. No, GPS Gate is not draining battery as long you check "close input when idle" on advanced settings. You can try port splitter which is free, but I didn't tested it.
  11. I'm using GPSGATE and TOMTOM 7.915. I get GPS fix in a few seconds (warm boot) & less than 2 minutes (cold boot+AGPS).
  12. Yes, the music quality is fine with the Omnia II and AD2P on Sony HBH DS220. However the sound level is low compared to my old Omnia I. I tried to apply changes to increase volume level on My Omnia II "Music Bluetooth" parameter from http://www.modaco.com/content/i8000-omnia-...mnia2-tips-faq/ but didn't succeed. Does anyone succeed in increasing soung volume on AD2P?

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