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    There's an app in the Android market called JuiceDefender. Put simply, it rocks. My battery life has double as a result. Try it, you might like it.
  2. Not tried Sense Hero, I went with Villain as it was the latest ROM available at the time. Generally, newest equals best. Villain has everything that Raidroid does only it's quicker and less broken. Not seen a FC yet and battery life is improved. Unless something changes drastically, I will be sticking with this one for the foreseeable future. In my opinion, it's better than the official T-Mobile 1.5 ROM!
  3. I switched from Raidroid 1.1 to Villain ROM 6.2.1 yesterday. So far it appears a much better build. Consistent speed, better battery life and ext4 support.
  4. Does VillainROM have Sense?
  5. He only uses official ROMs, that's why.
  6. I'm talking about handsfree, I use the phone in the car a lot.
  7. As I understand it, bluetooth works only in RaiDroid, so it was a no brainer for me.
  8. I suggest the OP contacts wavesecure for assistance :rolleyes:
  9. Since installing Raidroid 1.1 I had the concern of an extremely LOUD boot sound. I decided to find out how to turn it off and let everybody know how. It turned out to be much simpler than I thought. The method, I believe, will work with all ROMs. There is a file in /system/media/bootscreen called boot_animation.xml - this contains the script that runs on startup. First you need to copy that file off your phone for editing. Use any method you wish, I used adb adb pull /system/media/bootscreen/boot_animation.xml boot_animation.xml Now, in your current folder, you will have a copy of that file. You can edit it in notepad. Here is mine: You will see, I've highlighted the changes I made in bold. I've disabled the audio completely but I could, for example, change the image or audio to anything I wanted. If you choose to change the image or sound file, be careful. This script runs at startup and I'm guessing that if you configure it wrongly that you may not be able to boot the phone. Once your phone is edited, you now need to upload the amended file back to the phone. Again, I used adb. (thanks DarthOps for the remount help) adb remount adb push boot_animation.xml /system/media/bootscreen/boot_animation.xml All done, now reboot your phone to test.
  10. Nice one! That worked just fine, not to post that new thread.
  11. Actually, my fix isn't working just yet. All the boot details are stored in /system/media/bootscreen There is a file in there called boot_animation.xml that stores the configuration of the graphic and sound in use and whether audio is enabled. I've copied the file off my phone. I've edited the file to set audio=0 I can't get the file back on the phone as I have a read only file system. Anybody help do the last step?
  12. It doesn't? That would explain a lot! How did you confirm this? Yeah, it's UNBELIEVABLY loud. Enough to make me find out how to fix it. As the fix applies to all ROMs, I'll start a new thread to share the info.
  13. Bluetooth works fine on the Raidroid 1.1 ROM
  14. Droid Eris port works just fine on UK GSM Hero
  15. Any reason to use this one over Raidroid?
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