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  1. No network signal loss here too...although i have turned only 2g mode.
  2. When battery reach 15%,i've got solid red light stuck until reboot,and few apps stop working like Stereomood...i upgraded via OTA so it might be 'cause of it,will try full wipe.
  3. Status 7 as i recall is bad zip file...try downloading again and do all the necessary wipes in cwm recovery before u flash again.
  4. Ease off men... rom awesome, not a single flaw so far! Using Camera ICS+, both photo & video rec works awesome, auto focus in video is finaly acting as it should! Dazz zi best you're! :D :D :D
  5. I think automatic brightness isn't working well...when exposed to light it stays at 100% brightness and doesn't dim.
  6. Lol methinks it's not that complicated...just download logcat from market and start the service and when sheeeet happen it will be embedded in log.That log should be forwarded to Dazz...i'm i close? :D
  7. My in-call volume goes from 20% to 100% in five seconds after i make/recieve a call! the volume rocker is not responding! Is there any solution?i'm using r3
  8. I have only one issue with the rom...the in-call volume behaves strange!One call i'm about to go deaf,the next calli barely can hear the person on the other side so i increase the volume but i can't decrease it once it's increased-so again i am getting deaf..finally,the last call is the most interesting!It starts with the lowest volume and in five seconds it's pumped up to the max! Can this be related to dsp manager?
  9. umm..guys, how can i add/change themes on this rom?
  10. Did yall calibrated your battery after flashing the rom??
  11. !!! Alert !!! Awesome rom !!! This ROM simply can't be compared to any stock based ROMs,it's two separate worlds! Very very satisfied so far!
  12. I have a problem...superuser doesn't remember apps chosen setting, so i have to go manually to No frills cpu and hit apply...then he asks me again allow or deny. and yes, the 'remember' option is checked! Can i make a suggestion? Addon for volume wake lock? :D
  13. I didn't say it is "the infusion bug", i said that it's an issue on infusion rom just to clarify to people who tried this rom and expirienced such an issue on infusion know what am i talking about! Jeez man you are so edgy, it's not my intention to offend you, i respect your work! So, based on your answer i understand that it's a bug in every rom which is based on stock huawei ics? But is this rom based on stock and does it suffer from the same issue? thank you!
  14. Is the caller ID lag (issue on Infusion) present on this rom? It really pisses me not knowing who is calling, i can't know if that's someone i don't want to answer the phone!
  15. I used Infusion from the beggining, while paitently waiting for the dazz's cm10...and now i accidently came across this rom. Is it better than infusion ? better - faster, stable, customizable etc? thanks in advance!
  16. I would reealy love to finally know who is calling me...i have b03,an applied fix.zip which only substituted the new dialer with the old one that doesn't have instant contact search,or whatever is called...is it really possible that the most basic function is impossible to troubleshoot?
  17. The newest problem i have...the ringtone is lagging when someone is calling! :D BUT, caller id isn't happening! :) The things which happens in android....it's funny! :D
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