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  1. You need to download the correct taskbar icons version. e.g. you need to download taskbar icons for the 6.5.3/6.5.1 roms. 6.5 taskbar icons don't work correctly on 6.5.3
  2. There are no Omnia 2's made of glass. Omnia 2's (both the american and international versions) all have resistive screens, meaning that glass isn't an option. Resistive screens rely on the pressure provided by an object (e.g. finger or stylus) to allow a user to interact, therefore there must be some sort of flexibility built into the touchscreen overlay. As you can imagine, glass is very rigid and has little or no give. Only capacitive screens can have glass (which is most probably not actually glass, but a polymer that is like glass but stronger and more resistent to breakages).
  3. Using any of KC's ROM's (and I've used all of them), I've never experienced such drain. But remember this isn't a fault of the ROM (unless everyone is experiencing it). Battery drain is very dependent on what the phone is doing, and how hard it is looking for a signal etc. For example, if your work/home is far away from a cellphone tower, the device will try harder to remain connected. This will use more battery, even in standby mode. If you're in a car most of the time, I believe the signal power of the phone increases 6 fold (if I can remember correctly), because the car acts as a metallic box preventing signal going in and out. So battery drain is highly dependent on its environment. I suggest you try utilise applications like NoData to turn off 3G if you don't need it. 3G is a huge battery drainer. There are a number of tools out there that'll help with battery drain. If you are using such programs, and are close to a cellphone tower all the time, I'd suggest its a hardware fault (maybe something shorting the battery, faulty/dying battery), since a 1% decrease every 30 minutes on standby is just wrong. I can have my phone in standby for half a day and it'll drop maybe 1-3% maximum. This has been the same on all of KC's roms and Secany's roms. I also have two brand new backup batteries for my i8000 and they show the same thing.
  4. I'm constantly surprised by Touchplayer. Found out that Touchplayer can actually read SRT subtitle files. Just stick the SRT file into the same folder as the movie and it just shows it. Why that surprises me is that I couldn't find any other player on WinMo that actually supported SRT files, other than TCPMP 0.71RC with a SRT plugin. Except TCPMP 0.71 just doesn't run on 6.5.
  5. The Omnia 2 can only be charged by USB cables with certain wires crossed together. There is a few posts about it here in the forum if you search for it. If you power off your Omnia 2, and connect it up, it'll charge. Put simply, you need a special usb cable to charge the omnia 2 while turned on. Simple as that. Some work, some don't.
  6. Why don't you just reflash with Secany's L5? It doesn't make sense why you install KC's i8000 ROM, then want touchwiz back. Just as a side note, if the reason you want touchwiz back on KC's i8000 ROM is because you want touchwiz on 6.5.3, you need to realise that it won't display properly. That is, there is going to be a small gap between the top taskbar and the touchwiz interface.
  7. Coreplayer 1.3.6 (latest) doesn't work well on the Omnia 2. Video's running extremely jumpy and slow. See: http://forum.corecodec.com/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=2857
  8. Starting using this ROM today, and appears to work very well! Thanks! Wondering if anyone has found it taskbar icon replacements that work in 6.5.3? I used Tsowen's 6.5 taskbar icons, which appear to work, but it breaks the bottom taskbar on the home screen once installed (i.e. there is no graphics for the lower taskbar in the home screen). Anyone have ones that they have successfully installed? Edit: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=578403. Here are 6.5.1 taskbar icons that work well on 6.5.3.
  9. Secany has already warned people not to flash I8000 firmware with I8000L phones, as the I8000 and I8000L have different hardware. I guess you proved it doesn't work. I wouldn't rely on Secany for your ROM, since it appears he can mainly source the XX (European) ROMs, and its well known he's a busy man recently. You're better off heading back to the service centre and explaining why you suddenly have I8000XX Firmware, and hope that they don't void your warranty.
  10. Yeah, its called the battery running out. Otherwise no - I don't think it to be a accessible function available in the WinMo SDK. I know in the SDK you can soft reset and hard reset, but I'm unsure about full shutdown - taking into account a few years ago several PPC's didn't even have the ability to fully shutdown without having to take the battery out. I could be wrong though.
  11. IJ9 is the latest 'official' public released ROM. There has been no others. The only unofficial ROM's on this forum are IJC, IJD and IK2, and on all accounts IJD and IK2 have 'issues'. I'm personally on IJC at the moment.
  12. I'm not an official Samsung spokesperson, nor am I even affiliated with Samsung, so whatever I say should be taken as a grain of salt. But based on previous experience, I suspect that warranty varies based on where and how you bought your i8000. If you bought it from your carrier or a website, then you would be able to apply for warranty through them without receipt since they will usually keep records (unless they say otherwise). Also warranty is usually only valid in country or region of purchase. So for example, if you purchased a i8000 in Singapore the warranty will only be valid in Singapore, but may possibly be valid in Malaysia. I suspect that if you take your foreign i8000 to a local Samsung Service Center they will be more than willing to repair it (assuming they have parts available), but they'll charge you since phone makers retain records about where the phone came from and which market they were destined for, even if the phone was a generic international one. In my case, I know my warranty is worthless to me, since I purchased my i8000 in Singapore and I live in New Zealand. New Zealand doesn't even have the i8000 available, so I'd just get blank stares if I were to take my phone to get repaired. I would probably have to a visit a third party mobile phone repair to get my phone fixed and it'll cost me guaranteed.
  13. Its the ROM. There are alot of theories about how you can fix the latest ROM's and what the best way of going about getting a stable ROM, but when it comes down to it, there is something innately wrong about the last two ROMs. It's no ones fault, it just needs to be fixed by Samsung, but its all part in parcel with software development. If, on the other hand, Samsung released the ROM to the public as an official ROM, that would be a huge mistake. I do appreciate that you are throwing out ideas to help the community, but usually the most obvious solution is the correct solution :D
  14. Usually the simplest options are the best ones :). Everyone's i8000 is still covered under warranty until Samsung say it isn't. Remember at some point Samsung is going to draw a line in the sand at what we're doing, because it definitely is a grey area in the whole void warranty/not void warranty thing!
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