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  1. this is the real WIND ITALIAN Configuration for spv e100. for spv e200 and later tries to www.155.it, where there are the configuration pdf for all spv qtek: this configuration can be used also with TIM and Vodafone ITALIA just change wind parametres with tim and Vodafone that you can find calling the 119 ( www.tim.it ) or going www.vodafone.it ... configurazione mms wind su spv e100 Programmi --> Impostazioni --> Conn Dati --> Menu --> Modifica Conn --> Configurazioni MMS di TIM: Nome utente: vuoto Richiesta Password: No Autenticazione: Normale Protezione connessione: No Modalita sessione: Permanente Nome punto di accesso: mms.tim.it Indirizzo IP: Homepage: http://mms.tim.it/servlets/mms - Programmi, impostazioni, connessione dati - Su connessione internet, mettere AUTOMATICO - Premere MENU, modifica connessioni - Scegliere CONNESSIONI GPRS - Eliminare tutte quelle ORANGE presenti premendo MENU - ELIMINA - Creare una connessione con MENU - AGGIUNGI - Nome: WIND GPRS - Si connette a: INTERNET - Punto di accesso: internet.wind Il resto tutto vuoto e alla fine premere CHIUDI. Seguendo lo stesso procedimento, crearne un'altra chiamata WIND MMS GPRS - Su connessione internet, mettere adesso ORANGE MMS - Punto di accesso: mms.wind Il resto tutto vuoto pure qui. Adesso le connessioni sono a posto. Tornare alla home page, premere programmi, accessori, MMS Setup. - Sulla prima riga selezionare WIND MMS GPRS (connessione appena creata) - IP: - Port:9201 - Mmsc Address: http://mms.wind.it - Message Expiry: MAX - Deselezionare le tre altre opzioni - MMD Download: AUTO
  2. this smartphone studio? :?: ;) http://www.modaco.com/index.php?act=Attach...e=post&id=14032
  3. when you put the phone in the cradle windows activesync starts and you can find in your computer the spv 's icon. so you can browse it as a pen drive, but there isn't a program that do it fast... :roll: :evil: me i've bought a pen that have only a slot mmc so I can use this one... ;)
  4. try it: AutoFlight here: http://www.anycities.com/user/inputshow/autoflightv3en.htm
  5. i tried tiny ebook reader. it works also on win 2002...but you must have registered version to use with lit file!!!!
  6. wow!!!! finally an app like this one...and it's free.. many thanks
  7. ...does it exist a cad for my spv e100= wm 2002?thanks
  8. any solution for my spv classic? seems to works when istalled...after reboot and writing an sms...it write only numbers....no possibility to change
  9. found!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for anyone searching this file and other languages: http://www.modaco.com/Solution_to_adding_t...00-t199368.html it works fine also on my spv 100
  10. HI!I've search all over the net for this file......but nothing...I read some time ago in modaco a topic in which there were this and other language files...I search t9italian.dll...for my phone or other way to put my t9 language in my phone thanks to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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