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  1. You have I900, so every ROM for Omnia from this forum will be working. Now you have to choose what do you want from this ROM: with M2D or with Titanium, with lot of apps or lite version? It's your choice. Pozdro ;)
  2. Ok, I've done main memory format, then flashed with Rzyrzy 28008 M2D rom. First thing what i've done was instaling S2U2. It was great, nothing was crashing and everything work perfectly. Then I started to install rest of my programs. I've noticed first crash of M2D after installing ThumbCall. Then when I was doing something in RescoExplorer, and so on. That solution doesn't work for me ;)
  3. Very interesting Scandisk_fr. I'll try it as soon as possible and report my results.
  4. Have someone tried Titanium-Hero Sense UI? It's looking great: But I can't get it working on my Omnia. It's from xda-developers site.
  5. This is strange. Some people are working with M2D and S2U2 with no problems and some not. I think that problem is somewhere else. Maybe there are some Omnias with hardware issues. Or maybe that depends of Omnia type. I have 8GB Omnia and M2D is not working correctly.
  6. I have no idea what is wrong. Let's wait what Muncheno will answer, he is only one in this topic who get S2U2 and M2D working together.
  7. And nothing crashes? When you working with other programs, for example Web Browser, Calendar Application or some games, everything is normal. Even when I was using M2D with Smart Lock after ending my work with Opera, ThumbCall or messages some times I have on my screen: Tap here to launch TouchFLO. That was very annoying.
  8. Muncheno could you tell us how much free RAM do you have with all of this?
  9. I think that Dheewatara-s Rom i900 Omnia V32 WM6.5.3 build 28009.5.3 MD2_Leo beta1 (5/12/09) can be solution. People say that this Rom is extreme fast. And it has 55 free RAM memory. Someone is willing to test that? I'm also interested in making S2U2 work good at M2D.
  10. Muncheno are you working with M2D and S2U2? I don't think that this two programs will work together, because there is not enough RAM on Omnia, and M2D is crashing all the time. I had exactly the same problem and decides to use Titanium instead of M2D. S2U2 is much better for me than the Smart Lock.
  11. Yeah, it was announced 29th july. So there is nothing to be so excited.
  12. Yes, you can. I don't know that it could be done directly, but you can always try.
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