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  1. ahardie

    Don't buy this expecting cheap unlock

    Sorry! I should point out though that I wasn't trying to say there wasn't a problem, just saying it seems to be working for some. Having said that the people who are getting refunds aren't posting feedback so it's not possible to know what proportion of people aren't able to get a code from the usual cheap sources.
  2. ahardie

    Don't buy this expecting cheap unlock

    I'm not doubting some people are having a problem but if you look at this ebay sellers feedback he still has quite a few giving him positive feedback today for unlocking Moto G's.
  3. I unlocked the phone straight from the box without ever putting the Tesco sim in. I used the same ebay trader linked to in post 22. The phone works a treat, it's an amazing bargain at only £99.
  4. After reading your post I googled gadgetshieldz and found their product was well reviewed. I've been desperate to get a proper screen protector as I was still using my Omnia with the temporary protector that comes fitted to the device. I sent for it and have had it fitted for about a week now and I can say that it seems to be an excellent product. It was far easier to fit than I thought it would be and it appears to be extremely tough and clear and it protects the whole phone not just the screen. Best bit was it was only about £3.75, sent all the way from India to the UK. Thanks for the recommendation.
  5. I bought the i8000 mainly to use with memory-map ordnance survey maps I have purchased. Initially I was disappointed with the internal gps performance but as i have got a bluetooth gps receiver I carried on using that. Since I flashed IJ9 the internal gps performance has improved enough that I use that most of the time, with reasonable accuracy and fix times. Some of the improvement I am seeing while hiking could be seasonal though ie less foliage on the trees to block the satellites. I would prefer to use the internal receiver anyway because it doesn't mess up the track if I go into a building while hiking. The bluetooth receiver track will shoot off miles if I do this but the Omnia gps just stops and quickly locks on again when I am outside again. Another advantage of IJ9/winmob 6.5 is that it now works with large map files. Win Mob 6.1 wouldn't work with files over about 100 mb. Memory-map area files are over 300 mb and had to be cut into smaller sections before they would work.
  6. Sorry I meant it was the nb0 file causing me a problem. Lots of people have used that file without problems. My file must have been corrupt or I was doing something wrong. After all it was the first time I have done this. Anyway Genes suggestion worked for me and I am grateful for that.
  7. Yes that worked Gene. Seems to be the nb0 file that is the problem. Thanks again.
  8. Thanks for that Gene. I will give that a try.
  9. Thanks Tachan. I had mine connected directly to my wifes laptop. I used her's asit is Win XP, mine is Windows 7. I tried three times with the PDA_I8000NXXIJ9_HW_40.nb0 file but it wouldn't work. In the end I hastely subscribed to Rapidshare and downloaded the XXIJ6 file and fortunately that took. Any ideas why the XXIJ9 file wouldn't work? Maybe I should re download it and try again?
  10. I have just tried updating my i8000 to the latest 6.5 rom using windows xp and octans mini. At the end it said pda fail and wont go any further. The laptop will not now recocnise my i8000. Is there anything I can now do? I only tried to flash the pda part of the rom thinking this was safe. Edit: After disconnecting the battery it is trying again. Hopefuly panic over.
  11. Not sure why you are not getting a lock but if you are serious about using the i8000 for navigation you are best to buy a bluetooth SiRF III gps mouse, in my opinion. Particularly for off-road navigation where the satellites may be obscured by trees etc. I dont know what chip they use in the Omnia but it seems to me that it has more like the performance of the old SiRF II chip which is nowhere near as good. I would imagine this is probably more down to them having to compromise on the internal antenna than a fault with the electronics though. I bought my i8000 mainly to use whilst hiking after my ipaq packed up. It is perfect for this with an external gps mouse. Luckily though I wasn't expecting much from the Omnia's internal gps because if I had I would have been very disappointed.
  12. Apparently it is the same in the UK, ie it was never supposed to be sold with winmob 6.1. The thing is though, I bought my i8000 from an established UK supplier before 6.5 was officially released. I emailed Samsung to ask them when I would be able to update to the latest software. They emailed me back and told me that if I bought it in the UK with winmob 6.1, I must have bought an international version of the phone and they would never be offering me an update :D
  13. Is there any way to add a photo contact to the widget screen (or the touchwiz screens) to easily access my most used contacts? Also is there any way widgets can be resized? Some of them could be smaller to allow more widgets to be added to the screen.
  14. Thanks for that Willdmo. That is very helpful.

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