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  1. The same SOC has Spica, for which Tom3q has developed OpenFIMG drivers and 3.0 kernel. I've spoken with him some long time ago and You can do the following things: - port this driver to 2.6.32 kernel - port his 3.0 kernel and O2 drivers to it I'm not sure which one is better choice, but GB will be slow if You will don't use OpenFIMG. Of course because of limited memory You will have to choose if preferred is having 3d or more RAM. According to camera was a hack and it should be rewritten from scratch. If You are missing some files from our o2droid github manifests I can try t search my disk (I'm not sure if I still have them though).
  2. samdroid is using 3.0 kernel, so You'd have to backport openfimg changes to 2.6.32 O2's kernel or port everything to 3.0 samdroid kernel. Additionally openfimg libraries have to be used then in android.
  3. Hmmm, o2droid is our (team) github for android sources not specific person ;-P
  4. It's kernel error. This version of kernel has probably set to low reserved 3d memory amount.
  5. Don't get me wrong, but it would be good to include credits, like in other posts...
  6. Do they have any github for that? Unfortunately I don't know chinese... 6th post?
  7. Sorry for saying this, but it can be also an side effect of using ipaq's kernel modifications (if You used it). Of course it can be not connected, but...
  8. What is mysterious? Size? It is set to this to avoid white squares in games.
  9. HDPI requires framework and applications to include hdpi resolution graphics. You are describing only how to change DPI which is something different...
  10. Somewhere in the first 3 posts there is info that sometimes for the first fix You have to wait a bit (don't know why). Next fixes should be fast. Have You read that?
  11. Wifi should work fine. But I have to update framework on github with Sandor's sources with FMRadio. Yes because driver must be ported from kernel 3.0 to I don't know how much time it will take. It's not only matter of libs. Besides spica screen resolution is 4 times lower if i calculate correctly (that's not half). That's why their benchmarks are better. Additionally their current kernel has optimized memory etc...
  12. I don't have my O2, so cannot do anything without it. In first post there are all sources provided - android on github (without FM radio, updated kernel on o2droid svn). You can use it. You can also contact erikcas who has B7610, but is doing something with CM7/GB as far as I know. To run GB/CM7 there is mater of porting tom3q's openfimg to our kernel and compile android libs.
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