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  1. hmm... how about tunneling? can this be achieved by that?
  2. yes, its an Orange UK phone with the latest Modaco ROM. I am using it with an Indian Vodafone sim card. Vodafone here offers a basic GRPS service and an Advance GRPS service. The difference I am made to understand is that with Advance GPRS you can use the Internet on your computer while connecting to your phone. However, that is not what I want. I just want to use the Internet on my device. So I configured the Basic GPRS (with Roaming enabled) and am able to use the browser fine. However, none of the other apps would work with internet. Vodafone support has no idea, all they told me was that its a basic gprs and you need to upgrade. But, I think if I can use my web browser, why cant i use anything else?! Hope this helps... Let me know. Thanks hk
  3. checked with them again... now they say that Vodafone Live is the basic package and I need to upgrade! but what I fail to understand is that If i can use the browser, i should be able to use other apps too! do i need to create a http tunnel? there has to be a work around for this... any help will be appreciated. hk
  4. Thanks for replying... I have tried to contact Vodafone here in india... as usual it wasnt very helpful.! I bought it from the UK. I got the Manual APN settings from vodafone, as below: Bearer: GPRS Proxy(name : port): Username: ______ Password:< blank> ______ APN: portalnmms
  5. I will appreciate your help on this... How do i troubleshoot such an issue? I am eager to know if this is a bug with MoDaCO Rom or something to do with my service provider... waiting... :)
  6. no, no firewall... for long i have suspected it to be the Proxy Settings that I require to set for my GPRS. but then, it works on my browser! Here are my APN Settings: Name: Vodafone APN: portalnmms Proxy: port: 9401 rest all is default/unchanged. hope it helps!
  7. Hello, I am using Vodafone GRPS in India. The problem is that I can use the GPRS on the web browser of the phone... it works without any issues. however, non of the other applications on the phone works... apps like Gmail, Mail, Stocks just dont work when I am on GPRS enabled mode. Everything works when I am on Wi-Fi. Can anyone help me out? Thanks Hetul
  8. Am I doing anything wrong? is there a way to troubleshoot this and find out why this happens? help appreciated!
  9. Hello, I have a strange issue with my GPRS connection. I am using a Vodafone GPRS connection in India that uses a Proxy Server. The issue is, that when on GPRS connection... Browser works fine. However, non of the other application on HTC like Mail / Stocks / GMAIL are able to connect using the GPRS. I wonder if the proxy is causing this? Anyone else with a similar issue? I am using the HTC hero with the latest MCR and Radio updates. Thanks hk
  10. oops! my bad. Sorry about this. didnt realise it only supports headsets!
  11. anyone who can help me troubleshoot this? please advice.
  12. Hello, I am using the HTC Hero with the latest MCR and Radio update. When I try to use the bluetooth to transfer file from my e90 to HTC. it says unable to connect. Both device would detect each other and everything works fine however, the file transfer does not work. Thanks hk
  13. Thanks! I was wondering the same... Further, I would like to know how to install a Radio Update? I recently upgraded my HTC Hero with the latest update from MoDaCo. So would I need this radio update? if so, would it require me to reinstall the entire firmware? kindly advice. Thanks hk
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