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    Actually , i was scared that charging my phone with not original charger could make this problem but , i cleaned the headphone jack connector , and turned off the phone for the night and charged with the original charger and everything works great now..
  2. r1sk


    Hi, my htc hero , tells me that i use headphones all the time, but in reality nothing is connected, so i can't hear anything unless i use headphones. please help
  3. hi , I'm having some issues with the new r21, ever since i installed this i can't connect to my 3g internet , I'm configuring my APN like i always did , and it's doesn't connect, i even tried downloading a widget that controls the APN on/off, but when i press to turn it on, it just brings me to the APN list.. please help..
  4. Hi , well i had my Nexus One, for few months now, and it was all cool and fun . but i decided to get a fresh start with a new ROM that got out few days back , so i did a wipe , all the wipes i saw in the recovery , then i formated my sd card, everything was great, i flashed my new rom on the phone , and everything was working just fine, but the thing that got me confused was that after few minutes working in my new ROM , setting everything up as i wanted, i get a msg that says all my apps are synced , and i see that all of my 43 old apps are re-installed on the phone again , and all i wanted was a fresh start to put just the apps i wanted.. i did it twice and the same happened every time , so i just hope it isn't the most stupid question out there.. but i did look for an answer and couldn't find anywhere... so please HELP . Thanks.
  5. when i try to install it on my MoDaCo 3.2 , i get the error if i want to overwrite what ive got.. i press - yes - and then it gives me an error that says that the app could not be installed on this phone.. the same goes for the clicker app.. - i don't have the same problem with other apps.. i tried installing with an - Installer - app and with Linda.. nothing works.. thanks
  6. can i install hebrew fonts.. with the same files and way like on my htc hero?
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