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  1. How do you enable the old settings again? I'm sorry I'm in a hurry and I don't have time to look for it in the forums. xD Nevermind, i found it. lol
  2. okay, just finished downloading. Will report any problems soon! ;)
  3. it says on the file description "Sense 6.52019 test for i8000" . .. is that really for b7610? we might get our devices bricked xD
  4. Woah.. I wasn't expecting the link to be ready this early in the morning. Daskalos you are really a hardworking guy and I can't even believe that you are all doing this for free. >< I salute you! Now downloading . . . .
  5. After installing CHT v2.0, start button doesn't work anymore.. and some other apps like Microsoft MyPhone.. even pressing the call button doesn't bring up the dialer pad. Good thing I was able to backup my data before any of these happened. I don't know if this has anything to do with CHT but this was the last application I installed.
  6. Some things I noticed.. 1.) After logging in to my account in twitter tab, I can't seem to update my status, the softkeys below doesnt respond but only in twitter tab. 2.) Also, using the HTC messaging, instead of a back icon in the soft keys, it is a send button so everytime you want to stop composing a mesage, you have to manually exit by pressing start -> home or choose another tab and press back. 3.) Pressing the 'link to profile' in contacts will hang up or crash Sense. but all in all, it is a MAJOR improvement from all the other previous sense cabs! it is blazingly fast with a small or no delay at all! great work daskalos!
  7. Where in the registry do I edit values for me to use the default WM message composer? I seriously dont like to use the samsung one because its too slow for me and waiting for the "message sending" takes forever! ><
  8. any chances for a megalite version? btw, thanks for this new rom daskalos! \m/
  9. same here, i would also like to test this rom! :huh:
  10. ive been patiently waiting but still on exp37 i cant improve audio through *#0002*28346# code.. i know the exe for this was removed, but this tweak is really important for me xD does anyone know what files to copy exactly?
  11. thanks! but i can't find the password in the first post?
  12. what a nice birthday present for me! i hope i cud get this soon! thanks daskalos! and welcome back!
  13. what's the point of posting it if ur not even sharing it? o.O
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