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  1. Can someone provide me with a vold.fstab file modified for linux-swap @ mmc1.p2? My environment crashed..
  2. 256MB -> Had to try something to get my bugs fixed /etc/fstab does not exist swap-partition = internal/p2 It worked out-of-the-box on previous versions, will try to get it fixed
  3. SMS still working! I was screwing around getting ADB to work to transfer files.. Hate myself for not looking at the new USB-storage option Only problem now: I created a 256MB linux-swap this time, and It's not recognized by android.. still working, but updates from market are very slow and I cannot download large apps
  4. Why didn't I think of the > parameter will be back soon.. Just reinstalled so i'll have to wait till the problem comes back! probably somewhere tomorrow
  5. Yes, I did have the problem on all of the beta's.. dmesb didn't give me any output.. can't connect to adb for logcat either as it instant-freezes the phone Will try again with new REV87 tomorrow (the ADB-part)..
  6. That is VERY strange, as it happens to me after EVERY reboot and each new installation.. Anything that could be causing this problem? I'm using Internal as 1024MB root (ext4) + 128MB linux-swap + xxMB left as FAT32 for haret.exe, zImage & default.txt Installed using these packages: ext4.tar.gz (froyob3), REV87 (modified keylayout to LOCK = HOME, W&L = BACK).. I cannot live without sms..
  7. I can't work with android because after 1 reboot I cannot send text messages anymore and have to reinstall. Anyone confirm this?
  8. But if it doesn't (which occurs from time to time) you'll have to GUESS what the problem is EDIT: Look, I'm trying to change android to my needs. I'm not really a professional at programming so I need error messages to fix things. With the new bootscreen it's impossible for me to change anything in the source as I don't know what I did wrong!
  9. I'll try to change it back (or do something like 'print log to file') :) EDIT: Wasn't it possible to telnet haret? (Don't know if that works when android boots up, probably won't)
  10. The 'I refuse to send any text messages' bug is back :P Have to reinstall again.. While I'm busy with the reinstall I tried some modifications to the keylayout (I want the same as in winmo, but the W&L as BACK) and black theme.. Hope they work :) EDIT: Now some sounds are gone o.O reinstall again.. EDIT2: Everything is OK now, didn't manage it to get the keys like in winmo (none of the keys worked anymore)
  11. I just reinstalled android just like last time and I got a white screen at first boot! EDIT: Android was booting like normal (saw the statusbar for < 1 second) but white screen stayed. Trying again now.. EDIT2: Fixed, probably by formatting linux-swap before install @erikcas: It would be great (really great) to get rid of that stupid 'Loading' screen because now we cannot see what errors come up..
  12. Yea it worked again after a reboot, strange.. think there were too many apps loaded ;) Damn, is there no way to get FM working? I really need it because I'm at my bike for 2 hours each day to school! Edit: I noticed a bug. I was streaming some music through spotify and the battery icon was almost full but then the phone died and I had to recharge it. Is the bar frozen? (I do know about the time, but the battery icon?) @erikcas: Maybe it's possible that you maintain a small list of known bugs? Would be great to have one like known bugs and which bugs have been fixed in which version!
  13. I can't use apps like youtube as it slows android down in such way it isn't useable anymore and I have to reboot.. Anyone else has this problem? EDIT: And i cannot find the FM-radio app :$
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