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  1. This is the 'Android OS Bug' on KF3 on my SGS2: ~16h since full charge with ~1:45h runtime fpr 'Android OS' (47% battery). I guess you are just lucky... :blink:
  2. lock screen lag issues should be resolved, at least for the homescreen-button unlock (not sure about power-button unlock)... unfortunately its to early to tell if the android os bug is resolved, this will need some time with regular usage and not constantly fiddling around installing and configuring all the stuff... :blink:
  3. samfirmware.com got the news (as always): http://www.samfirmware.com/apps/blog/show/...or-galaxy-s-ii- :blink: firmware code is: i9100XXKG1 with Multi CSC. download-link: http://hotfile.com/dl/123505846/5faca77/I9100XXKG1.rar.html ...downloading as we speak!
  4. as fredewis said: try NOLED (http://www.androidpit.de/de/android/market/apps/app/com.led.notify/NoLED)... since the sg2 has a amoled display this hardly drains any battery, so its a very clever idea. ;)
  5. the latest gingerbread 2.3.3 build (XWKE7) on the sg2 has a bug where eventually 'wifi sharing' (whatever that does) uses all the cpu-cycles of at least 1 core, even if wifi is switched off. if your sg2 gets very hot just sitting in your pocket then it is possible that this bug just occured on your handset. short-term solution: just go to the process-list in the battery-status screen (settings -> about phone -> battery usage) and click on 'wifi sharing'. there should be a 'force stop' button -> hit that button! :D
  6. glad to hear that it's working for you. :mellow: take care breit
  7. i'm not sure what that realy means. did you start the right haret.exe (the one in the o2beta folder) first to create a system partition? if so then try reformatting/cleaning your my storage. some say that a reformat in the phone (winmo) helps if the installer has problems in doing so. if your installer created the android partition correctly and copied all the neccesary files to it and during system start (with the haret.exe in the root folder on my storage) your bootloader hang, then try this: modify the partition number of your android partition in the startup.txt file to number 5 (from 6) -> this should help for some omnia 2 phones. it seems to be model dependant... Set CMDLINE "rootdelay=2 root=/dev/mmcblk0p5 init=/init" please report back if it works (or not)... :mellow:
  8. Just because it cost me nearly 2 hours of scratching my head and trying to make any sense out of the guides and how-tos of how to install the new froyo build on the internal My Storage on an Omnia 2, i wanted to share my findings here: At first you should copy the contents of the archive from the froyo beta release to your My Storage root folder. On the project page there is an alternate install script for the first haret-session (the one which creates the android partition and copies the system files). It can be downloaded here. This file (sd.cpio.gz) must be exchanged with the version in the 'o2beta' folder (just replace the file on your phone). The problem with that script is, that it was written for an older version of the project (beta1 for the android 2.1 version of the project). So it expects the system files in an ext2.tar.gz archive. Since i have no clue how to extract and rewrite the script, just rename the ext4.tar.gz from the froyo-beta package to ext2.tar.gz. The installer will recognize it and installs correctly. Just don't forget to place an empty file with the name 'installinternal' in the root folder of your My Storage as stated in the guide. You are now ready to install the froyo-beta android to your device. Just run the 'haret.exe' from the o2beta-folder. To start your freshly installed android, you now have to change the 'startup.txt' file in the root folder of your My Storage. The following line: Set CMDLINE "rootdelay=2 root=/dev/mmcblk1p2 init=/init" has to be replaced with this line: Set CMDLINE "rootdelay=2 root=/dev/mmcblk0p6 init=/init" You are now ready and set. Just launch your o2android with the 'haret.exe' in the root folder of your My Storage. Enjoy! PS: There is one problem with this approach though: Your android partition will be formatted with ext2 instead of ext4 but this should not be a problem since the froyo beta1 build doesn't enable journaling anyway. Maybe someone with a little more knowledge than i have can rewrite the install script in sd.cpio.gz someday... :mellow:
  9. On JD1 and Opera 10 Final with power cable connected, WIFI on and power settings on 'high' its 4118 (w/o FPU Enabler)... this is a real crappy score! According to the site, an iPhone 3GS scores at 26897 and a quick test with a Nokia N900 shows something mid-8k (btw: my desktop PC is ~800k with Opera 10.51, just for comparison). Seems like the Arm-11 core is a bit outdated these days... :huh:
  10. I'm interested to see if FPU-Enabler does anything to improve the score in Browsermark. I'm not sure if Javascript uses floating point calculation at all, but if it does, we can upgrade the score a bit from the crappy and embarrassing 4k-ish on the O2. I can't test it though 'cause I'm on JD1 actually...
  11. a taskbar icon pack without the unwanted folder-icon skins oder ugly wait-logo modifications would be nice. also we need a bluetooth icon alternative in the taskbar for the i8000... ;)
  12. yes the guid for most of the panels is {F0A1B246-6E64-40cd-8E15-347D29FF6F18} and no i have not forgotten the brackets. ;) changing this guid makes the panel disappear. as i understand a 'GUID' it is (as the name suggests) a UNIQUE identifier, so why have most of the panels the same identifier? anyways, is there a way to make a specific panel the default panel?
  13. ...figured that one out myself! you simply have to change the reg-key /HKLM/Software/Microsoft/CHome/system/cardname and set it to the name of the mount-point of your memory card. on my rom the internal storage is 'My Storage'! cheers!
  14. how do i change the default titanium panel (the panel that is active after resume from screenlock)? i figured that you can define that panel with the HomePluginGuid key under /HKLM/Software/Microsoft/CHome/... however it appears that most standard panels (like SClock, SCalender, SMusic...) all have the same GUID?! whats the point in having a GUID when it is not unique?! ;) i tried changing the guid for SClock in /HKLM/Software/Microsoft/CHome/SClock/GUID, but that makes SClock only disappear from the homescreen at all so it must be related to another setting in the registry which i don't know. any ideas?
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