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  1. Okay, I recently got my 3rd Android device (my 2nd is a Galaxy Tab) in the shape of the Acer Iconia A500. And I went through all the hardache of getting OpenVPN installed and running. I used this guide to get it installed. (as well as the source for my tun.ko file) One of the key issues is to have busybox installed. The problem with the specific OpenVPN is its hardcoded wrong path for the ifconfig and route commands. I thought that I could just softlink the bb folder (ln -s /system/xbin /system/xbin/bb), but I found that it didnt work (even through from the command prompt I could use the full path). At this point the error message (or lack of one) was that the interface and routes were not being assigned. (the best was I found this was running openvpn --config <filename> from a command prompt on my android tablet to see where it died - The first time I tried this on the Acer I found I had the wrong version of tun.ko for my tablets kernal). It was only when I removed the softlink, created the bb subfolder, then performed the link to the required files themselves that it worked. ln -s /system/xbin/ifconfig /system/xbin/bb/ifconfig ln -s /system/xbin/route /system/xbin/bb/route The one advantage I had was that I had a known working ovpn config file ( from both my HTC Hero and Galaxy Tab) and knew the problem was with that. I cant answer in specifics to your device, but I hope this confusing answer is a small assistance.
  2. yeah! a Teknologist rom! Brill. Um. if your taking requests, any chance you can include ADQ's HTC HERO USB OTG (host and slave) code? this will make developing apps to use 3rd party USB devices easier on HTC Hero.... refer to : http://adq.livejournal.com/105043.html I am looking at using a TIRA (USB iRA module) to turn it into a plug-in device for a Hero (or any android really) and write the App to make the phone into a universal remote control. Thanks in advance RandyL
  3. cyde

    HTC Tattoo / Openvpn

    Well, I have it working for a while now, so I have checked my client config file (that works) with the file you have and I have the following differences. client // yep got this dev tun // yep got this dev-node /dev/tun // I have this one and you dont proto udp // I have proto tcp, so I have never tried it with UDP. dont know how functional this is. remote XXXXXXX.dyndns.org 1194 // yeah. got this but with port 443 resolv-retry infinite // yeah, got this one. nobind // ditto persist-key // ditto persist-tun // and again ca ca.crt // for these I actaully have the absolute location eg. /sdcard/certs/ca.crt cert client.crt // and so on...... key client.key // and again, absolute path. tls-auth ta.key 1 // I have this commented out with a ; comp-lzo // yep got this verb 3 // and this one. Additional options that I have set and that work are: reneg-sec 0 // this allows the server to decide whe to re-negotiate keys //I also have the "auth" crypt cypher set tls-remote <value> // I have this set. suggest you run busyboxy in your phone and run the openvpn from the command line, so you can see the log. hope this helps in some way. I have this running on HTC Hero (2.1 HeroSense Rom). -RandyL
  4. cyde


    Simple answer -> Yes Complex answer -> maybeeeeee..... okay.. I am using Tunnel Driod to establish a SSL based vpn over Open VPN. Once my VPN is established, I can successfully browse my file servers inside my LAN with out a problem using such programs as ES File Explorer. However like any other VPN setup, the remote file servers must know how to route traffic back to you. first time I tried, I found I had to setup a additional route table on my default gateway/router for my file servers(my VPN gateway is not setup default gateway) for my VPN subnet to route the traffic back to... So simple answer is yes, complex answer is more complex. Suggest that you get VPN working with a regular PC(running linux, dont cheat with windows) and can successfully browse file shares, then just transfer VPN config over to andriod. -Randy HTC Hero Modaco 3.0/Teknologist 1.9 kernel
  5. As per my other post (note this context is in in ADB Shell from a recovery console). -Randy
  6. Hi, I am currently using MoDaCo Custom Rom 3.0 Core with Teknologist 1.9 kernal, so I dont know exactly what the problem is with 3.2/1.92. However have you checked out my post (post number #2) in the software forum on this subject. It has a step by step guide to get openVPN working. Of course, TunnelDriod (on market place) is even better now with a gui, but knowning how to do it at the command line is also good. http://android.modaco.com/content/software/291919/openvpn-on-android/ Based on your output I suspect that it cant find the path to "/system/xbin/bb/ifconfig", refer to the end of step 3 in my post for how to fix and a reason. Please take with a grain of NaCl since I am not running the same version of Hero OS as you. -Randy Just wait'n for 2.1 to 4.0 remix.
  7. if you cant find it in the market place try the QR barcode for it. (you do have Barcode scanner don't you?) TunnelDroid QR Thanks to Androlib.com -R
  8. Chris, Gotta say that the bells and whistles are now coming out. Nice new features you have with 0.6.2,such as the tunnel Icon on the status bar tray. as well as the "ongoing" feature in the drag down notification area. Gotta say I am now getting way impressed with this. Keep up the good work. -Randy
  9. hmmm. Maybe prior to connecting, the file is parsed for for all uncommented REMOTE entries and 30 seconds (which is a good figure) is allocated per entry. This should time it right. -Randy
  10. Another error/issue and resulting workaround for this: System: MDC 2.8 Tch Kernal 1.3 Tunneldroid Version 0.6 Issue: My .ovpn files has 2 entries for REMOTE parameter. This should allow me to check/attempt VPN connections with the same CERT & credentials to multiple VPN Endpoints. In my case, the first endpoint is my home 10.x.y.z wireless network on my DMZ port of my Firewall system. The second IP is my External internet based IP. When I run openvpn via connectbot command prompt with this config file in either wireless, or via data plan, it connects and I can VPN into my systems. However When using tunneldroid, I can successfully connect via home WiFi, but when I try via my dataplan connection, it doesnt connect. To test this, I made a copy of my .ovpn config file, and then in the copy I only made 1 change, commenting out the first REMOTE entry, so that this .ovpn config will try the internet based address first. This works perfectly. I then disconnect and try the first one (with wifi first then internet 2nd) and it still fails. In the log (Thanks for that feature Chris), I get the follow entries at the end. (italics information I have commented out for security reasons) Mon Nov 9 13:48:21 2009 OpenVPN 2.1_rc15 i686-pc-linux-gnu [sSL] [LZO2] [EPOLL] built on Sep 15 2009 ..... [stuff in between removed] Mon Nov 9 13:48:50 2009 Data Channel Encrypt: Cipher blah blah blah Mon Nov 9 13:48:50 2009 Data Channel Encrypt: Using blah blah blah Mon Nov 9 13:48:50 2009 Data Channel Decrypt: Cipher blah blah blah Mon Nov 9 13:48:50 2009 Data Channel Decrypt: Using blah blah blah Mon Nov 9 13:48:50 2009 Control Channel: TLSv1, cipher blah blah blah Mon Nov 9 13:48:50 2009 [ASTARO-MACHINE-NAME] Peer Connection Initiated with WW.XX.YY.ZZ:443 Mon Nov 9 13:48:51 2009 SENT CONTROL [ASTARO-MACHINE-NAME]: 'PUSH_REQUEST' (status=1) Mon Nov 9 13:48:51 2009 event_wait : Interrupted system call (code=4) Mon Nov 9 13:48:51 2009 TCP/UDP: Closing socket Mon Nov 9 13:48:51 2009 SIGTERM[hard,] received, process exiting Now based on the start and end time, I see 30 seconds, so I am guessing that Chris has a hard coded 30 second time out. Might be good to know, and to advise only 1 REMOTE option per config. Or a change to the code to fix this.
  11. Tunneldroid it is! newer version 0.5 I just tried, and it works fine now. dropped my .ovpn files into the require folder, and now I can see it connects and see the log!. just great. running on MDC 2.8. tch 1.3 kernel As you say, still some things to do, like to show status of the vpn. If we are adding to wish list, then maybe a icon in the top system tray ( like when data/wireless is running) and some way within the VPN icon to ID data going out/in. (Thats the one thing I miss dislike about the wireless icon, you cant see when traffic is happening, where as mobile data you can). Greatwork Chris. I will be recommending it to my follow VPN users. -Randy.
  12. hi chris, Just to advise, I downloaded Tunneldroid from market place and tried it out. It crashes as it starts. I did a power down/restart to see if a reboot was required. Nope. same problem. Specs on my hero are: MDC 2.8 Tch kernal 1.3 Error that displays is: /!\ Sorry! The application TunnelDroid (process net.sourceforge.tunneldroid) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again. ~~~~~ The OpenVPN GUI client, is now up to version 1.3 Now works. it no longer has hard coding to the .vpn extension even when not selected. It successfully brings up and down a VPN connection (with the relevant prompts for root). what I did find lacking is to see the log/status of the VPN connection when I go in/out of range. but you cant have everything. Good work to both of you. -Randy
  13. okay.. got the newer gui update version 1.1 ( I hope you are reading this). good to have the ability to turn modprobe off. Thanks! Got a different error this time with modprobe off. lasted <2secs on screen (you need to change that) but the message was shorter this time. I was able to read it and it said could not find file. The file it could not find was in my case /sdcard/my3.vpn and while from the gui screen I had selected my3, but in the settings I had set the file extension to .ovpn, hence it correctly populated the GUI, but then the writer has hard coded .vpn into the scripting. he needs to fix that. Once I copied my3.ovpn to my3.vpn, it worked. or atleast when I checked in connectbot I can see the full route table I expected to. Its midnight so I am to tired to test it all. will do a more in depth test tomorrow. Also to note, I had to include my password file reference/setting into the .ovpn settings file. there is no where to we are prompted at the GUI for a username/password to use at connect time. while for me its not such an issue, but I think this should be addressed some time in the future. -Randy
  14. well, I just tried this new appliation (and no, it wasnt there ages ago). Using MDC 2.8 Tech kernal 1.3 I can successfully run the openvpn command with my options file perfectly well from the command line (via connectbot). however this app.... not the best. I can set the folder that countains me config, This works. I can set the location of the openvpn binary. This works. I can set the last characters of my config file. This works. So it now displays my list of various .opvn files I use/tested with. Show debug tick box. This.. ticks but doesnt work as expected. When I attempt to connect with a VPN connection using this gui, I get the standard root request, and approve, but it then errors for some reason, and the error box that displays last like 2 secs. or some rediculous short time, not enough to read it. A good start. -Randy
  15. Well, I applied Pauls' 2.8 image, followed immediately by: The 2.8 Enhanced pack The 2.8 sound pack. The 2.7.1 Wavesecure pack Then the Teknologist's updated kernal. Applied the OpenVPN software/apps as per my other post. ~ After reboot. Added userinit.sh for the compcache to /system/sd ... this did not work (I added when I was in the Fastboot after applying the update.zip's) I had to run it manually after hero was booted. I will investigate this. I have a 72M partition (so I am safely a bit bigger than 64M). After running userinit.sh manually, I get in /proc/swaps a report of /dev/block/ramzswap0 and a lot of numbers/etc. so this appears to be working. Connected VPN successfully ( it died as expected until I did a insmod /...tun.ko), and RDP'd to my home network successfully. Installed Droidwall, and it appears to be working. So . All in all, good work to both of you (Paul and Tek). Exactly what I wanted. Also. OpenVPN - I could never get the GUI to work. I had to run the openvpn connection from Superuser command prompt to start it, and kill to kill the process. -Randy.
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