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  1. I've updated the phone without problems. No brand, bought this one separate. BTW. I like how the update manual says; Why wait? Stupid Samsung.
  2. Just saw this too... Lucky I just received a HTC HD2... I just need to be able to flash and cook my own roms in a user friendly htc way. I'm still hoping that wm6.5 will fix some probs with the B7610 because it certainly is a good phone!
  3. just dial this in phone. Master-Reset: *2767*3855#
  4. And received it all ready?? I have... They work great!
  5. But I as said before. I do not notice the whole ram issue. Don't forget about the 800mhz CPU. Wait... there is this thing... when you are listening to music with touchplayer and you want to take a picture the phone tells you he needs to shut down touchplayer. But when I listen to music with coreplayer or windows media player and I want to take a picture I do not have this issue. So I guess it must me some samsung limitation they put in the source code for their own software. You asked if you could uninstal touchwiz. I checked for you but all you can do is disable it. It is alot faster that way as you would have guessed. BTW. I just disabled touchwiz and installed spbmobileshell. When you do this the phone is way faster then it is straight out of the box with all the functionality and more. Mine says it has a total memory of 136.31MB - used is 72.46 MB and free is 63.85MB. I have activesync, touchplayer, spbmobileshell and outlook open @ the moment and it still reacts as it should. But this raises another question... why can't I see the whole 256 MB. BTW I know a guy in greece and he orderes his phones from the netherlands (most dutch phones include English). He said he has no problems with them. Kali speras fille! (don't know how to write it (especially not in greeklish) but I know how to say it :) )
  6. I did not say that. I only stated the memory stayed the same after opening tomtom. I guess the system itself must be reserving the memory. Don't think touchwiz does this. Then again, WM doesn't reverse memory as well so I'm clueless here.
  7. They sent it to me 2 weeks ago and also have not received the screen protector. Perhaps local customs are holding back the packages for some reason. I think I will order a second one @ screenprotector.nl. They say they have them in stock. Edit: just ordered one @ screenprotector.nl will see which one arrives first. They are always handy so I don't mind a spare one.
  8. I think you disabled the home screen (widgets) but how about the touchwiz interface (start menu interface)? I think thats sucking the ram. BTW with all my progs I have 219.20 MB reserved (not in use) for programs and the running programs. And I have 36,80MB free. But when I launch tomtom for instance I still have the 36,80 MB free. So I'm not sure how the memory is allocated but I do not notice any performance loss.
  9. I use GPSproxy and it works like a charm. You just need to set the settings straight. Ariekanarie's guide works good. I set it up a little different but it comes down to the same. Perhaps if you have problems with portsplitter u could use this guide. It is translated form dutch to english so it can be jibberish but mostly it is understandable.
  10. Not to be a flamer, but since I'm being flamed at (being a owner of the phone). How hard is it for you (who don't have the phone but want one) to search the web for some specs of the phone you think of getting? BTW. 256 mb ram, 512 rom and then there's the 1 gig internal storage. I believe this baby has 2 gig's in total internal at least that's what the device says @ my storage (1956.00 MB). But surely you need to learn how to use GOOGLE!!!
  11. Check the omnia II section. It is explained there.
  12. :D Was thinking the same. I think I might give cooking a go with this phone, cause there are a lot of things that are good but not perfect.
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