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  1. mine's dead after updating via kies.. thanks goondu for the help.. managed to reset fact setting and now trying to restore my settings
  2. hmm just dled the server.. may i know how to install it for the 32bit?
  3. hmm.. guys.. i seems to be having an error while syncing.. no other msg shown.. pls adv on what to do with this.. thanks in advance
  4. hey bro.. finally got your theme working.. possible to upload the full screen weather to other source like megaupload or mediafire? having some difficulties to download from rapidshare in singapore >.<
  5. most prob is the rom issue i guess.. anyway.. ur weather works great.. if u dun mind can provide me with your titanium 480 x 800? gonna use their skin thanks bro
  6. that's mine.. wanted to install your neo titanium, however it seems like whenever i uninstall gchris's titanium skin, my titanium main screen hangs at black screen
  7. hm was trying to uninstall the cab. however after i uninstall it seems like my titanium is not working.. anyone faced this problem before or know is there any way to solve it?
  8. bro may i know how and where u get the icons to install to the device?
  9. oh ok.. bro u seems like having all kind of nice themes ;)
  10. hmm bro 1 more question.. for the wm7 theme, we're unable to add page or add shortcuts other than the 1 launcher?
  11. thanks bro.. will install the theme and try it out.. for icons, i still using dark passion at the moment.. love dark stuffs
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