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  1. There's an update.zip theme on xda that makes the top bar white.
  2. Have you tried a different radio I had a problem similar where I kept loosing connection, updated radio may help, only a suggestion though.
  3. I don't have a clue why shahz wants it rooting maybe their is no official rooted Rom for SEA or he has got mixed up thinking its a new Rom like you thought. Type the Rom number on Google you will see for yourself though people were talking about this Rom In September.
  4. Your wrong, DanH is right this is indeed an old Rom for thailand, Singapore etc no interest to us english. For those who want It its been on xda for months but wouldn't recommend it lmao.
  5. Yeah Dan already use it, eray is a great app as well a must have for me.
  6. And stuff like album/browser cache take up alot of internal memory clear every so often or you end up with hundreds of album thumbs stored on your internal memory. Read the forum there are loads of tips to clear space etc.
  7. No dude they are in the right place they shouldn't have been moved there in the Rom /system/app, anything you install yourself gets put in data/app which is linked to system/sd/app but kendon is right has some apps on the Rom like browser, maps, wifinder get stored on data/app.
  8. Even easyier you should of just extracted modaco 3 zip file on your desktop and the maps.apk is in there put it on sd card and install.
  9. Yeah true when a generic 2.1 is released I'm sure Paul will be the first man to make a custom Rom from it.
  10. You don't need to buy a sd card your phone should have one already, personally I have not noticed any difference In speed I never get lag I do have a decent sd card though and kill task all the time etc.
  11. A simple reboot solves alot of problems have you tried that. Or mounting sd in recovery.
  12. Yeah Dan is right inzip any of the modaco roms put in on your sd card and install.
  13. Apps2sd is automatic I not do it in amon recovery 1.5.2 theres an option in there somewhere.
  14. You can store cache on sd already download ta utility from market, cache mate also is an easy way to clear them.
  15. Kendon dude it might not contain new widgets it didn't come from the main man, kamillo said it as a question I think not as a heads up.
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