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  1. I have tried severalr ROMS in the past few weeks, and I keep coming/going back to Modaco 3.2 (indeed, the 1.6 version). This is the fastest, most stable and longer battery life rom of all! I think we are just spoiled by this one great release and so no other rom compares to this one.
  2. I was wondering: Since 32GB microSD cards become cheaper by the minute, will my hero understand this card? Or will I end up with an unusable card and 120 euro less in the pocket.
  3. I have been running the R5 prebacked now for about a week, and the only problem I have noticed is the terrible receiption of both GSM and data signal. I used to have full range at home, but with the new version most of the time I have none. This also goes for the data package: i have full HSDPA but I hardly get any byte through. I have the 'web&walk plus' package of the dutch t-mobile and often used to watch the tv channels which t-mob services. With R5, I haven't seen anything yet, other than the message that the server could not be reached. I have installed the latest radio ( but no change. I am thinking about flashing the radio to see if this makes any difference. Any ideas on this matter?
  4. Okay, here's my 50 cents. I have installed the prebacked version, indeed without a2sd yesterday and I must say that it took me some time to get it right. Having run MCR 3.2 (with a2sd) for ages, I tried installing the R5 without a wipe.. This ended, as some of you also encountered, in a continuous loop of restarting the HTC sense app. It kept crashing. I suspected the apps, so I wiped the ext3 partition and reflashed the image... Nothing different than I already had: crashing sense apps. I finally restored the 3.2 installation I had made prior to this, made a backup of all my data (Mybackup Pro) and made an extra backup of the sms and contacts via Wavesecure. Wiped the data, leaving the Ext3 partition in tact, reflashed R5 and still nothing more than an error message about the sense app. Finally, a complete wipe and a restore of both (selected) apps and data via MyBackup got me where I am now: fairly similar to the HERO I was so used to, but with a 2.1 release. I have got the impression that the receiption is not as good as it was before, but that i'm not sure about. I really do miss the a2sd!!! (can we please get it back, can we, can we...???). I even had to delete some of the Apps i was using because Copilot had to fit on there as well. I guess I have to get the online-kitchen version soon then, but I heard rumours that the a2sd didn't work on that either. I am curious to see how things are working out in the coming days.
  5. Great!!!! Just to be curious: A2SD only available in the kitchen ROM... So that means that I cannot use the prebacked version on top of MCR 3.2 with A2SD/ext3??? Thanx Paul! Patrick.
  6. This ROM actually looks pretty good! There are some differences with the goold ol' MCR 3.2 ROM. The data is steady at 2G, while I used to have a 3G/H reception, every now and then. App2sd works wel.. I wiped the ext3 partition before flashing, and copied the old ext3 partition back after install. Even GPS works, mail notification, etc. Today, the complete phone crashed and rebooted. It sometimes happened that Sense restarted, but never a full crash. I'm monitoring that closely, because this is not funny. The advantage of the loud bootsound is that you will be notified instantly when a reboot/crash happens. I am trying to find out how to disable the menu button, bringing the phone outof standby and into the home screen (without the wipe to unlock). That could cause problems, i fear, carrying the phone in your pocket. The only main problem now is to get CoPilot live working again. Thanks for the hard work!.
  7. You can say that again!! Thanks for the info, and to bad you had to restore 1.6 to get the NA data back. I did a nandroid backup, including ext3 and wiped everything (a really scary moment!!). Installed a 2.1 rom and Whoohaaa!! it worked! I had used WaveSecure to backup the contacts and sms data so after installing WS, I could restore them both.. I restored the nandroid lateron and got my old familiar hero back.. It was just a 'dry run' for the final upgrade, but with the ext 3 backup on linux, i can rest assured that it all will go smoothly. Thanx. Patrick.
  8. This happened to me as well.. None of the 2.1 roms would go beyond the boot screen. I did a wipe of the data and cache, but not the ext3.. Just to be sure: If i wipe the ext3 I loose my apps, right??? I'll try the linux workaround...
  9. I have tried a couple of 2.1 roms in the past few days, about nearly every mentionable rom on http://hero-roms.blogspot.com/ but even after a wipe I end up looking at the HTC bootscreen for about half an hour. Just went back to good ol' modaco....
  10. I am using Modaco 3.1 for about ages now, because no 2.1 version seemed good enough to be usable. This one looks okay in every way, so I am very eager to try it out. But what about the rollback? I assume a complete wipe is needed going to this version, and so I am worried I won't be able to go back to the 3.1 Modaco version. Is it as simple as doing a nandroid backup, and I will have my complete old familiar phone back after a restore of this? Thanx.
  11. After upgrading to version 3.0 I did a reboot and got the message that the SIM card was illegal, and I had to enter the PUK code. I cancelled that and the phone was acting just as normal. Did a reboot, just to be sure, and all was well.....
  12. Yee.. Thanx Man! Just what I needed. Did it and it worked at once!
  13. I flashed the SPL, which went ok. Rebooted into what I am used to see after a reboot, no fancy splashscreens or whatever. I tried to do the flash command in fastboot but that is stuck in <waiting for device> Rebooted the device with HOME+BACK, which completely erased all settings... Darn! Good thing i did a nandroid backup just before hitting the fastboot keys, so restored it and back to normal. (which is also a good thing.. never tried a nandroid restore, yet.. ) What is the proper way to flash the splashscreen? Thanx!
  14. If I understand you correctly, you are wondering if the HERO can cope with multiple accounts. Well.... Call it a bit overdone, but I have 3 mail / calendar accounts running. I have gmail, with the google agenda and contacts Outlook/exchange sync on the account from work, doing email and calendar My own Imap mail account doing just email. The hero also has its own calendar, with no sync at all. This works well, although I still haven't found a way to sync phone contacts with my gmail account, so i am stuck with double entries for some accounts which are both on my phone and on gmail/gtalk.
  15. Okay, After reading all the issues for the new 2.9 version, I must say nearly none of them sound familiar. Eversince version 2.6 i have installed every new version without wiping the device. All just on top of eachother, and without problems. With the new 2.9 version I do have the issue that the memory indication drops to about 44MEG, and even deleting the cache dir did not solve it. I have my apps on the SD card so I don't see much of a problem there. I don't have any market issues, up until now, and installed just yesterday (with the 2.9 version) a new version of the ASTRO filemanager. I have set up a synchronisation between the phone and the work calendar via the Activesync/Exchange sync. This works well, even with the new version. So, in short, I am very happy and pleased with the new roms.. Keep them coming...!! Thanks Paul and Teknologist!!!!
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